Krym, Ukraine
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Don't drink and drive. Don't smoke and fly. Just take LSD and TELEPORT!
some (useless?) info
Well, hi. I'm Vasyl, 24 years old. Mostly i'm increasing universe's entropy,
sometimes writing shїtty code or trading TF2 and CS:GO items,
or waiting more cool economy updates, whatever.
Please, don't invite me to play gaems, my laptop isn't gaeming beast.
Also i'm on 3G connection with flaky latency, so no online gaeming :sadcat:

My online status is a lie most of the time, it's tradeoffer processing app connected to my account.
This (cr)app set up zzz status and (tries to) accept offers with correct amount of metal/keys/items
in my buy list(and without trade hold).
Other offers are skipped and i'm checking them manually later, when I'm actually online.
However sometimes it fails to accept offers(due to overloaded Steam trading system in 95% cases),
and does that silently. I'm working on a non-spammy way to giving automated feedback.

My timezone is GMT+2, online mostly in 19:00-23:15 at weekdays and 11:00-23:15 at weekends.
"Online"/in some Steam game -- i'm probably here and available for messages.
"In non-steam game"/"Snooze" -- i'm not here, trading app working.
"Offline" more than 5 minutes -- app crashed and/or me not feeling so good.

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syaomix TRADEIT.GG May 2 @ 9:10am 
+rep so fast
J Apr 27 @ 10:10pm 
No more metals.
J Apr 27 @ 5:19pm 
Yeah np :lunar2019coolpig:
what Apr 25 @ 9:08am 
accept trade :)
+rep traded for a frying pan
Mimolak Apr 15 @ 10:03am 
+rep fast trader