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Snivy 30 вер 2018 о 5:21 
Heyo, I don't know if you're around, or if you're willing to sell it, but, I've added to discuss the Strange Professional Killstreak Original in your inventory. It's an old item I had (you can view the history on backpack.tf, my name IS there, and it'll link back to this account), and I was wondering what kind of price tag you'd put on something that meant a lot to a younger me that got lost in an unfortunate turn of events. If you're down to chat, hit me up, otherwise, I'll willfully back off.
Larápio 14 січ 2018 о 19:01 
How you doing mate, still remember me? Take care!
Thane 18 чер 2017 о 10:39 
Hi, I send you offer on barter, please take a look. Take care :).
Pulvi 21 тра 2016 о 10:27 
Nice, fast and clean trade. +REP
KeyG 16 тра 2016 о 15:09 
added for Barter.vg offer, please accept
Nokugawa ಠ_ಠ 8 тра 2016 о 8:47 
+rep nice and trustworthy trader! :tokitori: