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Praise be to God Almighty; not to your waifu or favorite furry porn star.
I have no substantial friends anymore. I walk a lonely road...
Steam [steem] (noun): A virtual place full of cancer. Steam is ran by cucks.
One big meme.

сука блять иди нахуй
Stupid Quotes from my Stupid Friends

8:31 PM - Vunukiis: I bought a cocaine factory.
8:45 PM - Vunukiis: Pavel wants to sniff some coke.
8:46 PM - Vunukiis: Cocanium.

4:40 PM - Windows 10: i was just traumatized
4:40 PM - 𝓟ᴀᴠᴇʟɪɴᴏ✝: What happened?
4:40 PM - Windows 10: i took such a huge, wide shit that i am now emotionally scarred

11:27 PM - Wuuffles: glad the stupid furry on my team left
11:27 PM - 𝓟ᴀᴠᴇʟɪɴᴏ✝: Isn't there always a furry on your team?
11:27 PM - Wuuffles: sure feels like it
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11:30 PM - Wuuffles: wait
11:30 PM - Wuuffles: oh fuck you

4:26 PM - Daedalus the Dopefish: Something funny
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A sexual fetish, for example, furryism, is like a funnel, or a minecart rail that spirals downwards; he who chooses to walk the path that results in him identifying as furry, enters this funnel, or the minecart which inadvertedly sends him towards the destination. Usually on entrance to this spiral it is highly difficult to get them out via convincing them to exit; at first it seems innocent, and once it is solidified they are offended by those who don't allow it. The destination of the funnel or downward spiral is the worst part of the subculture, including radical left-wing beliefs (communism, socialism, nazism), affiliation with extremely disgusting homosexual animal-human-hybrid sexual thoughts (and the acting on these thoughts, which includes masturbating to them, ERPing with other furries who have reached this level of disgust, and screwing eachother in fursuits), and of course, the denial of the things important to his life, including work, family, school, and especially the saving grace of God. Those who identify as furry but deny these so called "extremisms" of furry subculture are simply yet to arrive at the destination, and are at some point in progression to become like this. There is no way to avoid the destination, except for exiting the "minecart" (this is why the funnel analogy is not as good) before they turn into what many people commonly know as "true" furries. Often times, those who do not identify as "the bad ones" will try to say that they are, as a result, innocent, and some actually hold a Christian faith. This, however, is an oxymoron. A sexual fetish, by definition, is sinful, and all furries will eventually reach the point of sexualizing, and all furries dislike their appearance or life in some way, or else they would not waste time with furryism to feel better about themselves. This is also sinful, as it is denying the body God has given them, and the plan that He has for them.

All of this is highly dependant on who is around them and who they talk to; a dysfunctional family, poor appearance, no friends in real life, etc. are all significant influences to stay in a fetish. Usually they offer comfort through friends they have online, who share the fetish, and these people will, of course, agree that it is okay, egging them to stay in it. Having respected friends who dislike the fetish would be a large influence to leave the fetish, and may or may not be the only way an individual can influence them to leave it, other than praying that the Holy Spirit will work them out of it.

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J e s u s   S a v e s Aug 13 @ 4:32pm 
That's one of the most lame copypastas you've spammed to date
Jumo Aug 3 @ 11:28pm 
calling me a coward because i didnt respond right away since i actually have a job. There he goes misconstruing everything about me, saying im all about getting pussy and how its "dried up" despite the face the fact he doesnt know how much ive been turning it down. Listen boy, you don't know shit about me, and you don't know shit about my intentions. all you've been doing is talking shit and being incredibly wrong about what i think and what my intent ist
steev Jul 28 @ 9:05am 
your unturned review was hot asf and i agree with 100% of it. 90% of the community is bitchf*ck kids that come from a bitchf*ck youtuber, and the other 11% are full idiots
Jumo Jul 11 @ 5:43pm 
J e s u s   S a v e s Jul 11 @ 5:43pm 
Oh, I don't get it. Unless the joke is about you, and how you are cancer, which isn't a joke because you are.
Jumo Jul 11 @ 5:38pm 
that ees the joke xd