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Absolutely love it. I'm just going to highlight some important things rather than going really in-depth

1. Progress. In every other f2p game, your progress is hampered by playing with bad vehicles when you first start out (ie lower tiers in WoT, WT, AW, ect). In this game, from the very moment you play your first game, every ship is balanced with each other. There are no tiers, so the only thing that determines victory is teamwork and skill, instead of time sunk in the game or money thrown.

The company made a genius system where ships at the bottom of the tree are the easiest to use, and ships at the top of the tree require more skill, but are still balanced.

2. Grind. One major major turn on for me is that you can play any ship from each of the three companies and it will help you progress up the tech tree. In short, you are not forced to play a ship that doesn't suit your playstyle to advance.
WoT is a major example of this cheap money grabbing method as you have to play intentionally crappy tanks like the amx40 to advance up the line. Not in fractured space, you can play anything you want within that company.

Grinding is reasonable. You won't be forced to play 1000+ battles to unlock a single top tier like in world of tanks. I played around 300 battles and unlocked around 75% of all available ships.

Crew. People complain that getting new crew members are expensive, but different crews only offer 1-2% differences in ship performance. Imo, they are mostly there to provide a personality to your ship.

3. Gameplay. Not a single ship works the same way as another. Everything is different with unique niches to fill in the battlefield, unlike WoT's t-54 and leopard 1 clones running around everywhere. You will feel your impact on the battle as your ship can do something that no other ship can do, rather at all or as well.

The game shifts from four different sectors with the majority of the battle taking place in alpha and beta lines. It is dynamic, and the design makes each engagement slow enough for tactical thinking but fast enough for it to be exciting.

There you have it. Give it a go and try this game out, everyone who was shafted by the f2p p2w games of the previous decade.

P.S. Real life money has no impact whatsoever for your ship's performance. There is no p2w content here and everyone is limited only by their skills and experience.

Skins -> only affects how your ships looks
Boosters -> you make more exp or credits, does not affect ship performance unlike gold shells
Crew-> like I said, the differences are only 1-2%. 1% increased speed means nothing in the overall battle
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Space should be as dark as this

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Hello, new rules to read due the leechers, if you want be kept add me for discuss or make a gi mais tomorrox, thx for understood
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Hey, have a spare Whistleblower DLC. Up for use until 7th
Shadowheartz | iksd Sep 17 @ 2:49pm 
The Turing Test for Sakura Beach?
it ain't me Aug 26 @ 7:53pm 
oh well. lets hope someone with better vision picks up the IP
ONI Aug 26 @ 7:50pm 
Now if they did as I suggested making this game open world like battlefield2/2142 then the game would've rocked. Also having the characters act more super cyborg as in the animated movie would've made the game crazy good. 32vs32. Would also have rocked.
it ain't me Aug 26 @ 7:18pm 
wow, thats wack. At least the game is closing down in december