Promise I wont break ur heart
Fuck if I know
Stick around. I'm full of bad ideas.
Clicking this white text will show you stupid screenshots
Fun fact: due to steam's new policy, I can't upload screenshots anymore because I'm banned on the community forum which is completely fucking unrelated to the screenshot section, thanks for taking away one of my fun hobbies, steam. You cunts. Give me the heavy update and I'll forgive you.
Should also add that it's game specific, so it only effects the games I actually fucking play. I can still upload shit for other games if ever picked up anything new, but that's never gonna happen because the last good video game that was released came out in 2012.
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64-bit OS / x64 processor

I'm sad

mouse: Logitech Performance MX

my youtube channel (It's shit, by the way)
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Kill the ♥♥♥♥ing Jedi
Do it you wont
The Colonel 23 hours ago 
execute order 66
I'm not running it lmao
go join the hacker telegram server and tell them not me
Pikachara Apr 6 @ 12:38pm 
just stop like bots won't help and u r destroying people fun
like i don't want to play on comunnity servers everytime
so stop it and don't ruin people fun
Yep it's been me all along
I'm the TF2 G-Man pulling all the strings and organizing multiple people to run 32 bots each on their systems to destroy TF2 to the point that Valve will be forced to release the Heavy update and patch the automatic server crashers

Rise and shine, Mr. Hale
I Did Tianamen Square Apr 5 @ 11:18pm 
i am catbot