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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jun 17 @ 7:18am

Building Basics

Complete the Building Basics Scenario
Unlocked Jun 17 @ 7:27am

Crafting Blueprints

Complete the Crafting Blueprints Scenario
Unlocked Jun 17 @ 7:48am

Makin' Money

Complete the Makin' Money Scenario
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 6:53am


Complete the Jeweler Scenario
Unlocked Jun 25 @ 2:24am

Best Employer

Complete the Best Employer Scenario
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 6:42am

Time flies!

Play for 1000 Days
Unlocked Jun 17 @ 7:44am

Mass Market

Sell 2000 Goods
Unlocked Jun 25 @ 1:23am

High speed transports

Build 10 Airships
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 8:37am

Roaming the Seas

Build 5 Ships
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 8:08am


Dispose of 300 Waste
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 7:21am

Supply Chain Master!

Craft 10.000 Goods
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 7:15am

Massive Enterprise

Hire 500 Workers
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 6:56am

No longer a small business

Hire 100 Workers in one Scenario
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 8:11am


Set up a Ship Trading Route
Unlocked Jun 20 @ 8:23am

Flying High

Have 5 Airships with routes at once
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 7:51am

Gradual Improvement

Research Tier 2
Unlocked Jun 20 @ 7:45am

Efficient Technology

Research Tier 3
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 6:17am

Maximizing Efficiency

Build a New Blueprint
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 6:17am

Blueprints with Lasers!

Create a Blueprint that uses the Laser
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 8:02am

Better, Faster, Stronger

Hire an Engineer
Unlocked Jun 25 @ 1:20am

Highly Efficient

Hire an Expert
Unlocked Jun 25 @ 1:23am

Very Sciency

Craft Science Equipment
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 8:34am

Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Craft Royale With Cheese
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 8:20am

Electon Highway

Craft Microchip
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 7:04am

Succulent and delicious

Craft Meat
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 7:23am

Complex and efficient

Setup 20 Worker Routes in one Scenario
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 7:57am

Environmentally Friendly

Build a Waste Disposal
Unlocked Jun 17 @ 7:12am

Home of the Future!

Build a Lab
Unlocked Jun 20 @ 8:24am

Faster, Stronger

Upgrade Worker Route to Tier 2
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 8:09am

Fast Expansion

Colonize 5 Islands
Unlocked Jun 18 @ 6:57am

Share the load

Build 2 Marketplaces in one Scenario

Robot Supplier

Complete the Robot Supplier Scenario


Play a Workshop Scenario

Mysterious Coins

Craft 100 Tokens
87 / 100

Super Futuristic Tech!

Research Tier 4

Value from the skies!

Grab Black Token in a Supply Drop

Future Overlord

Craft Robot

Look behind the curtain

Open the Scenario Editor

Now that's gourmet!

Craft Luxury Meal

Gotta go fast!

Upgrade an Airship to Tier 2

Long distance cruiser

Upgrade a Ship to Tier 3

Superhuman strength and speed

Upgrade Worker Route to Tier 3

Exploit all the land!

Colonize all Islands in Best Employer Scenario

Keeping the Workers fed

Upgrade Marketplace to Tier 4

More sales = More profit!

Upgrade Delivery to Tier 3