Crazy :^)

Gamer From Romanija: U R RLY GOING ON MY NERVS
Dead.: c:
Gamer From Romanija: kys.
Dead.: <3
Gamer From Romanija: ye ye
Gamer From Romanija: put that heart upon ur dirty edgy ass
Gamer From Romanija: piece of shit
Dead.: chill... Bad snoiper c:
Gamer From Romanija: go cut ur veins behind ur house
Dead.: aw.
Dead.: little boi.
Dead.: c:
Gamer From Romanija: go buy a fake gun and go through the school like a bitchy ass mfcuker
Dead.: xD
Dead.: c:
Gamer From Romanija: lemme guess,linkin park as a ringtone,nice c:
Dead.: na..
Dead.: Sweating much.
Dead.: but
Dead.: at least peoples dont call you a gaymer
Dead.: :3
Gamer From Romanija: if u knew english you would understand.
Gamer From Romanija: sry i dontspeak edgy
Gamer From Romanija: dont speak*
Dead.: Come on dont be on tilt. little boi
Dead.: c:
Gamer From Romanija: little boi? no wonnder snow fucked u up c:
Dead.: like how
Gamer From Romanija: every single fucking way
Dead.: example?
Gamer From Romanija: u know it rlly gud c;
Gamer From Romanija: thats all im gonna say
Dead.: like kill?

Another. That was Just weird

Wryyy : Dead, are you pipe Jesus?

Dead. : why that question wryy

Wryyy : cuz you hit almost 100% of them

Wryyy : and can airshot and stuff

Dead. : Of course i hit them.


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Hey :) You, YES YOU. You are my one and only and i can't get you off my mind <3 You're always in there and it makes me so happy that you're mine <3<3 Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and i can't belive how far we've come. We've of course had our ups and down but who cares :) I'm mad in love with you <3<3
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Happy Easter
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do i know you cuz you are in my friend list and id love to know who you are
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📁Local Disk (C:)
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📁CS:GO Cheats
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CAN I DOMINATE YOU ONCE PLEASE ? JUST ONCE? Just kidding, she is like a God with soldier. She dominated me more than 10 times in tf2.