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If you wanna add me please tell me why in the comment section! :lunar2019piginablanket:

(Heres my youtube channel: ) :thumb:

(Heres my Discord Server: ) :cozycrashfish:

(Heres my Steam Group: ) :2019smile:

(My Favorite games) :slimetabby:
theHunter: Classic :Puzzle_Deer:(Mostly hunt alone)
Scrap Mechanic :hfwrench:(Im prt active)
Far Cry 5 :FC5_Cross:(Looking for people to play with)
Terraria :terraria:(I really enjoy this game)
Creativerse :creatiblock:(I build allot)
Warframe :LotusFlower:(I play it now and then)
Stranded deep :cozykcdaxe:(I play it sometimes)
The Forest :demoneye::dirtblock::demoneye:(I only play multiplayer. So add me if you want to play it sometime)

Age: (Who cares):griefer:

Real name: (Murica):FC5_Hurk:

Lives: (Somewhere out in the snow):cozybethesda:

Gender: (I forgot):awkward:

Other intrests: Gaming:gmod:, Fishing:Cod:, Building:hardhat:, WW2 History:WoTB_tank:, Hunting:smile_1f:, drawing and art in general.:lunar2020ratinablanket:

:norway:(Norge i rødt, hvit og blått):norway:

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Nicpus⚔ Oct 26 @ 3:29am 
Ty^^ and sure
ACE Oct 26 @ 12:48am 
im adding you as you make some pretty cool stuff, keep up the good work!
Nicpus⚔ Sep 20 @ 12:46am 
Sure :thumb:
askozzi Sep 20 @ 12:38am 
i add you because you play thehunter classic
Nicpus⚔ Aug 26 @ 5:29pm 
Yes :cozybethesda:
Pwease Aug 26 @ 5:14pm 
big stupid