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New cosmetics to complement The Gabe Glasses.
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Created by - heinous
heinous Feb 27 @ 4:34pm 
no, that's not me, and i don't know who it is either
SealShpeeDaSweggy Feb 26 @ 8:17am 
I'm curious, are you the owner of that smoking hard counter on the market?
No problem. Have a good one.
heinous Jan 17 @ 11:42pm 
thanks, but i guess i have no comment.
Greetings. I'm currently cutting some loose ends for TF Wiki and I've stumbled upon a question about one of your items - Sole Saviors, uploaded to Workshop as 'Dark Soles' and added in game with Strongbox Pack update.
They were intended to had a reference to the Dark Souls games, right? Are they were based on some specific item set or artwork? I'm not famifiar with DS series so I can't tell it on the go, sorry.
Feel free to answer here or DM me for discussion, and thank you for your time.