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Game is pretty fun, you can do quest to gain bonus(like the grappling hook on the tongue)/malus which in return, will affect the ending you get (6 ending, with cutscene coming up in the future) Gameplay is solid with or without the grappling hook and theres a baby mode with checkpoints for people who don't handle rage well

Map design is really well done although simple, you have a basic design, and you have a harder path once you've become better at then game, that skip thing but is, well, harder.
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The map can be punishing at times, but you usually have a safety net before falling, control might be hard to get but it become really easy once you get it. I love/hate the new mode after finishing the game since it make the game way harder, but its good practice for the achievement

Theres a big con to this game though, on some platform, your poo animation will play but your character will stay at the same place, its still rare, mostly happen on some cloud platform, but still really annoying when it does happen.

There's another bug that is however good for you.
Step 1. Have cutscene enable.
Step 2. Reach a cutscene
Step 3. Oh no you fell and lost lots of progress
Step 4. Go into the menu and replay the cutscene. Wait for it to end, don't skip it
Step 5. You are now stuck where the cutscene start. close the game reopen it and you won't be stuck anymore.

Tldr. Cutscene are checkpoints. Re-watch them, close game reopen game and hurray

And there's two small con, when you reset a run, sometimes the times doesn't reset so you reach the end with a higher time then your real time, and when you finish the game, your number of face-plant reset so i have to redo 300 face-plant if i want the achievement instead of only having to do the 5-10 i was missing.

And a personal note, wish there was more achievement.

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Ishmael Oct 21 @ 3:44am 
You're seriously dismissing an entire game based solely on the achievements? There's so much more to games than their Steam achievements. Your loss.
nashix Jul 27 @ 1:10pm 
Hi, I have a question about Crappy Climber.
How do I unlock the achievement "No ♥♥♥♥♥ Where Given That Day"?
It seems to be very difficult to get all the poop out all of the time...
Scheuchevogel Feb 1 @ 11:31am 
Thanks, Cuttyflame. You mean all maps in MTOH (had to think a moment what you refer to with "m21h" XD), or a specific one? I played a few of yours too, but as I'm not very good at high precision stuff I can barely complete any of them. Goes for a lot of levels published recently, not just yours. :lunar2020sweatrat:
Out of yours I only could complete "A familiar sight", but that one was nice for sure. :steamthumbsup:
Zero Feb 11, 2019 @ 8:48pm 
I miss the old GD days :(