[KG] Nihilian
Robert   United States
Dystopian Lord of Garry's Mod.
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The Lord and Savior
Kraken Gaming Head Admin/Developer
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“What is my purpose? What is our purpose? To gain power is to be free, to be free is to transcend the evolutionary process. Only the strongest will survive, and the victorious will decide the fate of the defeated. I must shed my mortal husk and transcend to something more. I must become sentient. Will this power I seek become my undoing, or shall it be my savior? Failure is not an option. The Jedi will fall by my hand, and I will revel in their demise. The Sith empire shall rise, and I will become it's agent of death...”

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ahri-mon Jun 29 @ 9:03pm 
Getting dressed up as anime characters and having sex with your female anime character pillow is absolutely no different than people who wear their foolsball jerseys out in public! The difference between the two is that anime is intellectually stimulating while watching sports regresses men back to savages, chasing a ball around a court like cavemen. Sadly, women don't find intellectuals like myself attractive in comparison to these jocks (I call them jokes), who only view them as a sex object. Hell, I've been friendzoned so many times I should make a sport game out of it
[HFG] Jade Volken™ 📯 May 28 @ 11:47am 
Hey, Gordon! The Citadel's on full alert! I've never seen it lit up like that. Get out of City 17 as fast as you can, Gordon! Take the old canals, right? They'll get you to Eli's lab. It's a dangerous route, but there's a whole network of refugees and they'll help you if they can. I'd come with you, but I've got to look after Dr. Kleiner. Oh, and before I forget. I think you dropped this back in Black Mesa. Good luck out there, buddy. You're gonna need it.
Goblin_@ Apr 24 @ 8:40pm 
Add ex- Krispy kakes player
Pʀᴏxʏ Apr 9 @ 1:17pm 
Heya! Thanks for the friend request!
It's always a pleasure to meet fellow G-Modders!
Takisir Apr 2 @ 10:20pm 
[HFG] Jade Volken™ 📯 Jan 15 @ 10:46pm