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14 Mar 29 @ 6:31pm 
are u angry man
QuantumBob Mar 16 @ 7:41pm 
LOLOLOL!!!! This trash spammer in Brawl has a VAC ban too? Holy f*ck, kid; are you bad at everything? Stop using mommy's credit card to buy DLC and just uninstall. Holy sh!t.
Kermit Hotaki Jan 25 @ 6:39pm 
that's becaues you're wrong and im right. computers are 100% always right and that's just a fact it's not false. anyways the only thing you'll accomplish in this game is a mere rank. a blue rank can beat you in a tournament and tournaments is all that matters when it comes to improving gameplay. hf with your bad internet connection and bad rank my man :)
14 Jan 25 @ 1:53pm 
nice argument bro
Kermit Hotaki Jan 3 @ 4:10pm 
that's just not true lmfaooo
14 Jan 3 @ 2:57pm 
lol you think u have a 0% chance to disconnect theres atleast a 1% chance for anything to happen