Dareos the Fishcake King
Carles Dickens: "If they would rather die," said Scrooge, "they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."
Charles Bukowski:
Feminismus existiert nur, um hässliche Frauen in die Gesellschaft zu integrieren.
Spongebob: "Der Monopolkapitalist mit Haut und Haaren er uns frisst"
Richard Dawkins: "Creator of the Universe went to great trouble to create the foreskin. Then insisted that you cut it off. Makes sense."
Uriah Heep:"So eager was my passion to devour this waste of life"
Albert Einstein: "He who joyfully marches to music rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice. This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once."
Dr. Baugh: "Sometimes I wish I had a pill to make people disappear."

Quelle: http://natune.net/zitate/Charles%20Bukowski

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