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Xandumas 寂寥 Aug 12 @ 1:37am 
+rep! :Oda:
You know whats comming Aug 11 @ 2:38pm 
I'm going to have to play it, is it very similar to that sleeping dogs game you enjoyed alot years back?
Is monster hunter world a lot like the other monster hunters?
Syncroniam Aug 11 @ 9:38am 
no I kind of got sidetracked by monster hunter, I'll eventually return to it tho of course.
Dragonborntim Aug 11 @ 6:38am 
Hey how has it been girl, long time no see, by the way how is Yakuza 0, is it worth to get?
SneezingSkittles Aug 11 @ 4:00am 
of course :smile:
SneezingSkittles Aug 11 @ 3:56am 
The Lazarus Effect