Gase/Käse Kaiss Lanna   Portland, Oregon, United States
Name:Gase/Käse Kaiss Lanna
Nickname: "Kite"
Sex: Male
Species: Sergal
-warning- a giant space craft -text wall- is approaching
was one of rain's most trusted generals, but rather disagreed with her orders, the platoon he was in command with sympathized with him, to the enemy, they were still feared either way, even if they left survivors here and there. shortly after the war, he wanted to get his mind off of the hypocrisy he had to endure, as well as the thought of all the corpses he had to throw into pits he dug up, so he set up shop. a few moons later, he found himself not on Tal, anymore, he found himself on Earth for but a brief moment. he also found a odd device affixed to his wrist which he can't remove, when he touches it. he found himself elsewhere. this must be the work of whatever it is he now has. presently he now uses the thing to go back and forth from "earth" and his homeland upon occasion he winds up on another planet some lightyears away, to find things for his shop and to explore the locales and maybe interact with people ^.V.^ the things he finds he either keeps, sells or melts down to make weaponry which he sells at his shop.

Game ID's (PM me when you add me to give me yours)
Ninty ID:gase_lanna
3DS FC:0430-8517-7768
XBOX live: rhythmdrop92
PSN: kitestar92
Cryptic (Startrek online,neverwinter, etc): gasesan
Currently Online
Hall of really nice guys
over the years, i met people, then there were people who were very nice to me, and amongst those gave me gifts. Here i give thanks to them:

A gaming wolf (mako in discord)

if i missed anyone please PM me and i'll add you to the list, really im very greatful for all of you :2017catheart:

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2.4 hrs on record
last played on Jul 22
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guesswho Kappa
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Well, hello there, saw the boop on that one group... And I felt i should boop back...
mom Aug 6, 2015 @ 11:09am 
sergal !
kitestar Jun 3, 2013 @ 10:43am 
you've prolly noticed i have been changing my profile pic a lot lately- well thats becaus the most recent change had a problem with it so here it is again hopefully no change needed this time
kitestar Jan 18, 2013 @ 11:01pm 
well, it appears SOME people have class. i would like to thank the people who got La-mulana greenlit. now what is needed is NEStalgia to be lit