3xP' Viruz
Moritz   Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
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Hello and welcome to my Profile

My name is 3xP' Viruz and i am one of the three Leaders of the gaming organisation 3xP, beside 3xP' Fr33git and 3xP' Ons.
Beyond that i am leading 3xP's CoDJumper Team together with 3xP' Drizzjeh and 3xP' Noob.
Im a Video editor and beside that i am doing other Design and Modding work for 3xP'.

My Organisation

3xP Was founded back in 2009 and grew up to a fairly professional and stable organisation, with alot talented members such as Designers, Webdevelopers, Editors, Modders & Mappers.
However we mainly see the fun in playing together, talking with each other and meeting in reallife.
So we wont pressure members with things such as activity compulsory or other obligations.

We organize events such as Speedrun Events, Editing Contests and Reallife meetings, beyond that we are open to expand this into things like f.e Esports Cups.

Our Web Presence

Teamspeak3: ts.3xp-clan.com
Website: https://www.3xP-clan.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3xPClan
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/3xPClan
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Cobblestone Package Colonge 2016: 8 Keys
ESL ONE Red sticker: 4 Keys
ESL ONE Blue stricker: 1 Key
TrainPackage Colonge 2016: 1 Key

I also have ESL One Colonge 2016 Pin Codes Contact me if u are interested
2x Guardian 2 Pin
1x Phoenix Pin
1x Unopened Pin
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