vore me nephew
Harry   New York, New York, United States
Co-host of the Fresh Meat Prolander Cup
Main Medic catbud. Silver s25 1st Place
Main Spy for Disingenuous Assertions RGL Advanced s1
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Main Medic/Co-Leader for Buds n' Cats Highlander
I can ring anything but payload engie from steel - silver.
I'm not ringing medic unless we are good friends.

Fresh Meat Prolander Cup Co-founder
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Competitve Experience


Steel Pre-change
Season 14 - Hogs Go HAM Spy 6-2
Season 15 - The Vol Gratuit Pyro 5-4
Season 16 - The Yellow Pubmarine Spy 3-4

Steel Post-change
Season 24 - OaksFolks Soldier 5-3

Season 25 - I <3 DOOMBRINGER_ ft. Minnow the Cat Medic 11-2 1st place

Season 1 - Disingenuous Assertions Spy 0-0

Steel Pre-change
Season 17 - Trailer Trash Sub Scout 2-4

Steel Post-change
Season 26 - BOMB 11-0 Medic 1st place
Season 27 - Party Boys xd

Season 28 - BOMB (We back) Medic

Season 27 - Moonlight Dive 3-3 Pocket (IRENE week 1 lmao)

Info About Me

My sensitivity is 8.3in/360.
2.5 in-game/800dpi
New video: https://youtu.be/DWKLKu9qy5Q

Pyros Bombing Our Salt xd


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Merlin's Magical Murder Machine : I bet you still jerk off to your mom changing clothes. Fagg

Merlin's Magical Murder Machine : whats gold is that you get touched by your 45 year old teacher who has down syndrome and you like it.

"You know that time Katy Perry dressed up like Elmo? I've spilt seed to that many times" - Saturation

"I really don't wanna lose my left nut" -aeon

"Your loadout is so lime it could cure scurvy" - Ji

*DEAD* dingus12: damn
*DEAD* dingus12: i hate trains

10:39 PM - ᵒᵏᵘ BustaMcNasty: Yo what team did we just play?
10:39 PM - ᵒᵏᵘ narutogamer1392: PBOM
10:39 PM - ᵒᵏᵘ narutogamer1392: pyro bombing our med
10:40 PM - ᵒᵏᵘ BustaMcNasty: Lol
10:40 PM - ᵒᵏᵘ BustaMcNasty: How ironic
10:40 PM - ᵒᵏᵘ BustaMcNasty: Ji was doing that to their team
10:40 PM - ᵒᵏᵘ narutogamer1392: lmao
10:41 PM - ᵒᵏᵘ BustaMcNasty: I was watching spongebob on my phone during that match

"Nobody likes you anymore, and those that do don't know what you've done" - gann the mann

Saturday, July 21, 2018
11:03 PM - vizie LFP: im going to lynch you

I forgot mugs had handles - norphel03

Saturday, June 16, 2018
3:02 AM - 3hree: hi
3:02 AM - 3hree: who is this
3:02 AM - P a t h e t i c o.: Que onda
3:02 AM - P a t h e t i c o.: ¿eres mexicano?
3:02 AM - 3hree: no
3:02 AM - P a t h e t i c o.: ¿No hablas español?
3:03 AM - 3hree: no nigga
3:03 AM - P a t h e t i c o.: Ah chinga, pues que raro, en faceit te tienes como mexicano
3:03 AM - 3hree: ooga booga
3:03 AM - P a t h e t i c o.: No sabia que existian mexicanos que quieren ser gringos xd
3:03 AM - P a t h e t i c o.: Pues ya que, sale, gracias lml
3:03 AM - P a t h e t i c o. is now Offline.

7:37 PM - Cheerio Face: wtf
7:37 PM - Cheerio Face: is ur name
7:37 PM - my toes murder anime: I love toes
7:38 PM - my toes murder anime: and anime makes me want to end the world

ceres Today at 8:14 PM
Too late
ult and his attack dog decided to shittalk the whole PUG session

T") : gl in match
swoosh left the game (Disconnect by user.)
inso : you too

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I got banned from the newbie cup :c
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Beesy weesy uwu~
Bad demoman Aug 6 @ 1:15pm 
neum Aug 4 @ 12:30pm 
ah it seems those earbuds you promised me are not in my inventory yet. Gonna have to raise the price up to earbuds + 2 keys.
Bad demoman Aug 1 @ 12:08pm 
3hree more like spotlightR Jr.
yike Jul 31 @ 4:07am 
buds n cats more like cats eatin bees