:rabiNormal: Hello, Please Say the Item you [H]ave & the item you [W]ant, So we can trade faster, thanks ! :rabiDull:
:Railgun18::Railgun18::Railgun18: I can buy :Railgun18::Railgun18::Railgun18:
:redjewel: [H] 20 Credits [W] 1 Very Rare items (not from crates)
:egg: [H] 100 Credits [W] 3 New Golden Egg 2019
:egg: [H] 90 Credits [W] 1 Old Golden Egg 2018
:_pumpkin_: [H] 100 Credits [W] 3 Golden Pumpkin 2019
:_pumpkin_: [H] 100 Credits [W] 3 Golden Pumpkin 2018
:Tetro_Gift: [H] 40 Credits [W] 1 Golden Gift

:russtar:RL garage link : https://rocket-league.com/trades/3a9Ics

:sudoku_red_pen:The idea of automated trading bot is not new. It has already revolutionized how players trade CSGO items, we decided to bring such revolution Rocket League trading community! We want to create a platform for users to freely exchange their items - keys, wheels, goal explosions and such - for whatever they wish for, in the most secure and efficient manner, automatically. You don't have to sign in to our site, our trade bot will invite you to party as soon as you press the button - it's really that simple!

:sudoku_blue_pen:Rocket League Trading is back better than ever before - enjoy rich choice, finest Black Market Rocket League items, insider look on the prices and exchange your items in the best RL deals

:steamhappy: 2% discount code : 3a9lc
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c0mpl3x 4 hours ago 
(H) black atomizer blueprint (w) 500 CREDITS
c0mpl3x 4 hours ago 
(h) atomizer black blueprint
4ngryman 8 hours ago 
(H) Emerald Black (W) 700 credits
Astornauta 23 hours ago 
(H) Emerald TW (W) 4100 credits
wari0 Dec 13 @ 7:55am 
(H) 700 Credits (W) Fennec (Striker)
Tektonic Dec 13 @ 4:37am 
(H) 20XX blueprint (W) 1000 credits