Captain Pain
Looked like a Captain and his names the pain

April 6th 2016

"Ayyy April fools was good. I had a good laugh. I hope you did too. Probably not, haha!

I'm fucking serious about the bullshit rules though.

RDM, NLR, Advertising raid and FearRP are all, in increasing order, god damn bullshit.
Try running your shitty server without them. It will make your server less shitty.

Replace advertising raid with the demand that people who get raided should call the cops.
Replace NLR with not NLR. Just stop giving a shit when someone kills their killer.
Replace RDM with MassDM. Start getting an admin involved when someone's mass killing everyone.

And last but not least, FearRP. I don't know what cunt made that bullshit up. It's by far the most retarded rule. Get rid of it altogether. When a mugger walks up to a player and says "Mug, drop x or die", and the player runs away, have the mugger shoot the fucker. When the mugger calls an admin for "FearRP", just kick or ban the mugger for being a dumb, admin addicted cunt.

Also, people who say "Admin to me" in OOC chat without saying anything about their situation
are to be kicked or at least yelled at very loudly. Fuck those people.

More rant: Stop putting people on roofs to interrogate them you god damn incompetent shit admins. Seriously, what use does a "roof session" ever have? Everyone /always/ lies. You don't get ANY information by interrogating people, ever. When someone reports a player for some rule they're breaking (and for fuck's sake, not the ones mentioned above), just start spectating the cunts and see if they do it again. If they do, ban the fuckers. If they don't, let the offense slip. Accept that shit may have happened once, but you didn't see it. Repeat offenders should not be on the server. People making one mistake should not be punished too harshly anyway."

- FPtje
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So how to get a vac
through the cheat engine
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