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Half Life: Before is the most disappointing thing since my son. I mean how could you possibly screw up the entire backstory to Half Life? It's like screwing up 3 prequel movies that tie in with a beloved set of three other films. Also, while my son eventually met his death by stupidly running into an active tripmine after telling someone to open a silo door, the sad truth about Half Life: Before, is that it will be around. Forever. It will never go away. It can never be undone.

Okay, seriously. As a huge advocate and fan of Goldsrc mods, I just had to check this out. People told me not to, they said it wasted a decent amount of space on your computer and that it was essentially a waste of time. However, being the fair man Iam, I decided to give this mod a chance. A chance to prove itself worthy of being on Steam itself, while other amazing Goldsrc mods like They Hunger, Sweet Half Life, and USS Darkstar get to remain on other services such as ModDB. So, lets dive in and review Half LIfe: Before!

Click the link to read the FULL review of Half Life: Before in the MODZONE!!! http://modzonemodreviews.blogspot.com/
Posted October 9, 2015.
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Ah yes, Alien Shooter. I remember playing the demo for this thing so long ago...such a classic.

So, the story in Alien Shooter is basically nonexistent. You're a special ops person sent by the military to neutralize an army of aliens that got themselves here in a manner similar to the Resonance Cascade in Half Life. Your character fights their way through hundereds and hundreds of the beasties, until you finally bomb the main teleporters they are coming from, and you win. Or do you?

The gameplay is some of the most mindless trite ive ever seen. Just hold the left mouse button and dodge incoming fire. It's tedious at first, sure, but once you get a flamethrower that can kill about forty monsters at a time, then it starts getting fun. Inbetween the ten missions, you can buy more weapons and equipment with money you pick up from the field. Yeah, money, just laying around the facility. Then again, what use is money to dead scientists? Even with all the upgrades and BFGs you get, the game still is challenging, with the last level being one of the most tricky levels ive seen in a game.

The graphics...eh. It looks like a modern flash game. Then again, it was made in 2003, with not that big a budget it seems...the graphics are okay. Just sprites, but they get the job done.

In the end, I give Alien Shooter, a 3/10. It's a fun way to kill about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, but seeing how it comes with Alien Shooter 2, Zombie Shooter, and Alien Shooter Revisited, I think that adds up to about six hours of play, and therefore enjoyment.
Posted March 11, 2014. Last edited March 17, 2014.
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Crysis. Oh dear Crysis. It's the fabled representative of the "PC master race" cause. Is it a good game? Well, lets see.

The story is a bit cliched, reeking of "Humanity screwed around with something they shouldn't have" trope, but it is handled with a bit of creativity. You are Nomad, a member of Raptor team, an elite group of soldiers for the U.S Military. It's 2020, and you and you're team are dispatched to rescue some hostages from the Korean People's Army. The hostages were apparantly scientists and archaeologists who had found something buried in the biggest mountain in the area. So, you initally get seperated from your team, and one of your squadmates who barely has any character gets killed off screen by something who "Tore his body up bad". From there, you trek you're way across the island you're set on, killing wave after wave of KPA troops. You learn a fanatical general, General Kyong, is in charge of the Korean Military occupation of the island, and you find one of the hostages. Then you start to get a sense that something else is on this island with you. Something inhuman. Raptor team's leader, Prophet, gets kidnapped by the same thing that killed your other squadmate in the opening, and you eventually get to General Kyong in a rather anticlimatic boss fight, ending with learning that yes. Aliens are in fact real, and that they really love the cold. From there, it just devolves to "Stop the Aliens from taking over the world." I say the story is cliched, sure, but it has it's moments. The voice acting is top notch, with at least some of the actors caring for their roles. Sure, almost all of Raptor team seems to be full of racial and cultural stereotypes, but they grow on you after a while. Heck, Psycho, the british personality, got so popular he even got his own spin-off game, but i'll get to that another time. As for your character, Nomad, he's a little bland. He hardly says anything, as per the first person shooter method, but dare I say, even Master Chief from the Halo series has more character than him. He just seems like the standard, military type who's honorable, and tough. And thats about it. All in all, it's an okay sci-fi plot. Nothing too new brought to the table, but not terrible.

The gameplay is pretty damn solid. The biggest table-turner and innovation you have in the game, is the Nanosuit. Imagine if Master Chief's suit got a major upgrade. Like, major. Actually, imagine this. Imagine if Master Chief's suit, got the abilities of Flash, The Predator, and Hulk. Thats the Nanosuit in a nutshell. It has four distinct modes to choose from. Strength, Speed, Cloak, and Armor. You can only use one at a time, but changing them up on the fly will help you win many, many battles. The Cloak is a little abusive, but thats what Delta level difficulty is for, where the enemy will often see your little invisibility trick. Armor mode is also another one thats pretty abusive, but it does make combat so much easier. Speaking of combat, the firefights in this game are pretty intense sometimes. You do have a somewhat limited arsenal. Theres no carrying around ten different kinds of guns like Duke Nukem 3D or Half Life, but it's no two weapon limit either. You get two primary weapons, two pistols, ten grenades, a heavy weapon like an RPG, C4 charges, and your bare hands. The primary weapon variety in this game is diverse, with 3 kinds of machine guns, and a few others I won't spoil here. Almost every weapon has customization options, like different kinds of scopes, or laser sights. Now, about your enemies. Don't think for a second, that just because the KPA are made entirely of a rather low tech militia, that they aren't dangerous. Each and every one of them can and will kill you without a thought. The A.I that drives them is also nice to watch. While they sometimes do goofy things, like stare at walls, and shout that they are throwing a grenade, but the grenade never comes, they sometimes do rather intelligent things, like flank you, take cover in the bushes, and converge on you from all different angles. The manner in which you take on the numerous amount of KPA infantry is also pretty expansive. Do you go in, all guns blazing, tearing and blowing everything up in sight? Or do you prefer to be the human equivalent of the Predator, sneaking in and taking them out one by one? The choice is yours. Theres also a fair amount of vehicular combat as well, but these vary in the fun factor. For example, the section where you blast your way through a valley in a tank is beyond the term awesome, but other sections like the VTOL retreat, just feel a bit broken, especially in control. Oh, and then theres the latter half of the game. With the aliens. Once you leave the mountain halfway through the game, say bye bye to diverse tactics and combat options, and say hello to generic "Just use a really BFG to kill them!". Seriously, the alien combat is the dullest and most boring thing I experienced with this game. There is no specific weakness to exploit with the aliens, just fill them full of projectiles until they crash and burn. To poorly balance this, the final boss of the game, has easily exploitable weaknesses, that make the fight over in less than ten minutes. Overall, I say that Crysis's gameplay is fun as all gets out, until the second you beat General Kyong, and then it all goes downhill from there. Thats just my opinion however. The multiplayer, on the other hand, well...I heard it was fun when people actually played it. The Power Struggle gametype seems like a creative idea, outright destroying the enemy team's base? Sounds pretty awesome to me.

In terms of graphics, yes, Crysis is pretty to look at. The world is very detailed, and realistic. However, I promise you, that you'll be spending about twenty minutes in the settings of the game, tweaking and testing, until you get it to look exactly how you want it to look. Once you do though, you'll wonder how this was a game made in 2007, with it's vibrant colors, detailed textures, realistic physics, and excellent sound design. Also, the soundtrack by Inon Zur is amazing, with flourishes coinciding with whats going on around you.

Overall, for it's okay story, pretty fun gameplay, and it's nice-to-look-at graphics, I give Crysis a 6/10. It's a must have for any fan of the first-person-shooter genre, and I highly reccommend it.
Posted March 11, 2014.
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Gish is one of the oddest games ive ever played, a sort of puzzle platformer slash action game, and Binding of Issac creator Edmund Mcmillen's first creation, it truely has a little bit of everything. Granted, it is a challenging game but take into consideration, its not impossible. Give it a try, and get sucked into the sticky and slippery world of GISH.
Posted March 15, 2012.
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