In the end I'll tell ya >;3
Basic Info
-1st thing ya do when ya here, read the info box
-2nd tell me what ya want, dream or reality, just after that we might talk.
-3rd Listen to this, it describes me the best, careful how ya step, please.
-I'm kinda done... with humanity to be honest, they can keep the Reality, all theirs, just let me dream, just let me... be in my dreams, don't wake me up ever again, I don't enjoy being hurt, just cause someone wants something and doesn't even know what... leave me dreaming.
-I love attention&affection but I know no one gives them for free, so... say your price... I have some interesting things to trade, that is how reality works, no?
-Not sure... I will ever be play this Role again, so expect lots of action, drama, fun, tension, and all that a good story needs, no more sadness, not more pain, no more... reality.
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InfoBox >:3
Sadness is a feeling, I wont allow in my dream anymore, maybe drama, but not sadness, so careful how ya step, ya might fall.

If ya dare, come with ya reality at me, don't ya at least ask why ya the one sad... I just want to dream, not to get reminders of how blank and awful reality is, so please...

Only fools and imaginary characters laugh in front of death, the tired ones, laugh in front of life, and the fallen ones, never laugh, they just hide the tears this way.

Love is just the mix between ''the fear of living a life alone'' and "I want to shove my dick into that"

None will ever be happy with what they got... will always want more... never enough... even if you think you are enough... don't live a lie, ain't worth... my friend.

Open mind, open legs, open arms, so keep ya rules for yourself.... and let me dream.

If you will ever find a mindset that is complex on a female, look again, is either a complication that look like that, or somewhere is a dick ya miss.

None is simple, is 1) Complicated - not worth the time, just the fun, or 2) Complex - is worth all ya can give for it, but is just a dream, so its not... real, plot twist.

Something about me

Age: 21
Name: If ya ask I might tell ya... If ya give me a good reason >;P
Gender: I can check the inventory to see what is down there if ya really care...
Sexuality: Asexual(with 1 exception), roles/characters doesn't count.
Country: Eu-NE [45.9432° N, 24.9668° E], (GTM +2)
Discord: B.#1914
Relationship: Just Cutie, me, myself and I, so I'm taken , foursome... I guess?
Preferences: Talks, Stories, Drawing, Stand up, Sweets, Dreaming >:3
Games: Just a paper R.P.G. I created&play with Boyo , cause there ain't no good game >;P
Talkative: Ya, kinda chatty, all the time >;3

Add Rules

1) If ya wanna add me, just send me a request... I guess... but if ya a immature type... don't say why I said Bye >;P
2) Usually I insta-accept if I'm online, If I don't... meh guess I'm Offline or A.F.K. >:P
3) I rarely add, cause eh... no reasons I guess?
4) If i don't accept or I accept late... usually is a Steam error and the invite appears really late, happened lots of times... so ya.
5) If I don't accept in under 5 minutes... just leave a comment, and I'll add ya as soon as I see it, like on 4) sometimes Steam has some bugs in the invites and stuff... so ya.

Ya can find me when I'm...

Online[In game] - I will reply If I can, and the game is not that intense, If nah, I'll reply on a pause.
Online[On phone] - Usually at collage, not that open for chat, but meh why not >;P
Away - Mainly playing my R.P.G. text game with someone, so I'm kinda busy, don't expect replays >:P
Offline - Sleeping... so ya... no replays >;P

Sumthing About Me

*Weird cause complex, don't try to understand... is too hard for ya humans...
*I love Text R.P.G. games, the STORY is all!!!
*I'm kinda bored all day long, so if ya think ya can make me feel a little less bored, ya welcome to try, but meh, ya doing it on ya own risk, cause I kinda like to play my style,
*P.S. I play kinda rough >:P
*I'm gonna tell ya exactly what I'm thinking so if ya don't like it... why ya still here?
*I like to have friends to talk too all the time, cause eh, life is better with sum company >:3
*I have a routine that I don't like to kill for any of ya, but... feel free to beep me if I'm not that busy >;3
*I don't like to collect friends, and I don't keep those that don't chat... cause eh, feels meh >:/
*I enjoy kinda any topic so feel free to say >:3
*I don't enjoy wasting time and If I'm bored I'll just walk away, so don't ask why no replays >:P

Things I love >:3
*Stories... listening and making em and looking how someone plays them >;3
*Drawing, mostly characters from my text r.p.g. or other types of characters >;3
*Getting lots of attention, cause who doesn't like that >x3
*No delay in chat and lots of replays always make my day a lot better >;3
*Sweet, things and personalities >:3
*Sex talks when really, really, really... bored... and have nothing better to do.

Reasons I deleted ya
*Close minded baboons... not interested in knowing the shade of brown of ya carboad box, ay?
*Humans who ask me things... I already answer here... ya do this, I paste all this here, Oke?
*Low quality drama, like try a little harder if ya really want... drama... not that noodle one...
*E-R.P. without a good story, and people who kinda don't do anything else besides that...
*Long delays in chat... meh, pass and no thanks >;P
*Low quality/boring persons... ya know who I'm talking about, and if ya don't that's fine, I'll tell ya later xD
*Memes... is kinda sad to see how low humans have fall... and lets be honest, if ya look at them a little bit more... they are kinda retarded.... so avoid them near me if ya wanna keep me in a good mood... thank you.
*The ''How are you?'' as 1st question in a chat... like my answer will be ''bored'' 100% when ya ask this... so lets skip over it, oky?
*And... not talkative persons, beep me as often as ya can, don't... guess that means ya wanna be friends, I'm open to anything, so ya don't have any excuses like... I don't know what to say or I'm shy and stuff... got it, still... ya can say a ''hi'' and ''ow ya still alive?'', though do this 2 times and cy ya, is a one time ''get out of jail free'' card >:P
*2 or more days of not talking to me... I don't want names, cause I know I wont remember them.

Music I love

*Anything that sounds how I like, I'll spam ya lots of em... if we close friend >:P
*Usually I like slow, relax music... just to chill, with good lyrics
*After I listen to a music too much, I just change to others... so, I'm kinda open...
*Not really into too loud music, but if the lyrics talk to me, I'll get it on repeat till I know it a little too good...

Hints (just for cheaters and lazy-butts)
-Some... nice words can get ya really far... cause eh... I always give them... but rarely get them...
-I'm gonna fuck up a lot... cause eh... I'm not good at reality, nor friends... some help could... help.
-I try to be positive but I'm really stressed out... so I kinda give up really easy... that means I need some support...
-More time ya spend with me, more I'll spend with ya...
-I'm nice, cause I like to be nice... I have all I want, so... don't think I'm like that cause I want something from ya... I just like to be nice...
-I will always treat ya how ya treat me but x3 so... be nice with me, and I'll be nicer with ya.
-Usually people abuse my kindness and hurt me, so... I'm a little bit more... eh... lock inside cause lack of trust...
-Lately... I'm very stress... about all I have to do... so if I'm giving ya a lot of attention and time... ya should know is from my free&work time...
-Don't know about what to talk with me... meh, draws, stories, and nice things at start.
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Life Rules

1) "Everyone fully deserves what it gets, cause by its own hand was made."

2) "There is no good nor evil, there is only the angle you are looking at it."

3) "Life might be free, but it offers nothing for free."

4) "Life's is a simple complex path, don't complicate it with useless things."

5) "Life is beautiful, human nature spoils it, and never assumes it."

6) "Everyone wants something, none will just sit with you for no reason."

7) "What you don't know, wont hurt you, that much."

8) "Better safe than sorry"

9) "All or nothing, the middle way, always ends up nowhere."

10) "Humans never change, they only discover new bits of themselfs"

11) "Strong is not the one without fear, strong is the one who knows its fear and knows how to compensate it."

12) "If you care for someone, you let them free and will be yours by free will."

13) "Give them what they want, so you can die as their hero, get what you want, and you gonna live like your own hero."

14) "Words will hurt only for those that give them the power to hurt then."

15) "Let your dreams to be just dreams... sadly if you try to make them reality, will just become nightmares"

16) "Truth is the worst part of our life, it always say straight, we can't dream with open eyes, like we do with them closed."

17) "Nature's program is in all of us, only the defective don't obey it, sadly, I'm proud to be a reject."

18) "Free will, is something lots say they have it, but take their rules, and see them collapse."

19) "Learning is the process of doing mistakes, and never doing them again, not the capacity to reproduce some words."

20) "Hope is just the lie we tell to ourselves daily cause we are afraid of truth, sometimes, a lie, does more than any truth."

21) "A God is just someone who knows how to kneel others, a legend is just someone who had a pen at the right time, and a hero, is just someone who died for others to become who they are."

22) "None likes to be alone, is against our nature, but only alone we can defeat ourselves."

23) "A hero is born out of pain, suffering, sacrifice and loss, is train to give up all for others and fight till the end for the cause, and falls just like a anyone else... glory, pride, and love, have no value beyond the grave..."

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-Core Report
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>Personality Pack - Installed[Complexity Pack 13]
Final Report: CRITICAL, Require Immediate repairment.