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KA Weapons Pack NEW V3.4 :

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KA Weapons Pack NEW V3.4 --- Source Files :

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KA & CSW Class Name List :

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Complementary Special Weapons V1.42 :

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Complementary Police Equipments V1.01 :

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KA Weapons Pack New updated V3.4

[h1] I apologize for this MOD have been removed by BIS in the previous period , thanks for yours understanding, and sorry for any inconvenience .
This is the last update of KA Weapon Pack New , unfortunately , due to
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Created by - KICKASS
blackfisch Aug 8 @ 11:27am 
Hey :) Would it be possible that you mail me at ? I have a question to you regarding your mods and the use on our server :)
GhoSt Jul 30 @ 2:23pm 
Also to add we were recommended to you by travis butts
GhoSt Jul 30 @ 2:09pm 
Hey there sir I would like to talk to you about useing your mod on our server if you dont mind Im with altlife rp the same with lulzim and ardian walker. we love you weapons and would like to beable to use them on our server but we would need your permission and also if we get your consent could we put your name on our website to and adverise for you just to show where we got your mod and who made them. thank you for your time in this matter and look forward from hearing from you. or our teamspeak
Lulzim Walker Jul 30 @ 1:39pm 
Hi Ka can we please talk on steam?
akira1g7 Jul 24 @ 1:38am 
Hi :) please can you help me with one thing ? I would be glad for your help , thank you so much, iam big fan of your mods :)