prison inmate #22222
Tennessee, United States
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rgl trad 6s
s1 main

esea 6s
s31 open 11-5 playoffs "1-1" 8th
s29 IM sub
s28 open 13-3 playoffs "1-1" 6th
s27 open 10-6 playoffs "0-1" 16th

6s exp ugc
s30 silver 8-1
s29 plat 2-2 roster ride
s28 plat 5-4
s27 plat 1-5 meme
s26 plat 3-5
s25 silver 1-4 meme
s24 steel 5-1 meme

ugc hl
s26 main 1-5
s25 steel 4-5
s24 steel 4-2

rgl hl
s1 main
s2 main 1st
s3 advanced

rgl prolander
s6 invite
s5 div1 1st
s4 div2 2nd

tfcl 6s
s2 3-0 died

ugc 4s
s14 silver
s15 gold
s16 gold
s17 gold

prison inmate #22222 (Score:20) defeats slowickedmonster (Score:8) in duel to 20 on Ammomod [MGE]
slowickedmonster : take it
*SPEC* slowickedmonster : ur a winner kiddo
*SPEC* jyp : fear?

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doshterr 2 Jul 20 @ 9:42pm 
hi :)
Column Fellow #2 Jul 3 @ 6:38pm 
lol mad cause bad
bakA Jun 24 @ 2:09am 
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spookami Jun 16 @ 6:04pm 
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exer Jun 15 @ 4:51am 
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I am evolution. You are a common ♥♥♥♥♥ that just happens to play comp
A Carrot Jan 29 @ 1:34pm 
* god has joined the game *