Taita lft open 6s
Jangchi Sudra   Surkhondaryo, Uzbekistan
I would like to play 6s and highlander in the lowest league I can play soldier heavy medic and demo quite well so add me if you want a guy in your team.
I enjoy playing casual(in tf2) so if you want to play feel free to add me
I love Children of bodom
Én vagyok Stiv™: Tita!
Taita: XD
Én vagyok Stiv™: *Taita!
Én vagyok Stiv™: XDD

A big fan of Tf2.
I like to play with others in tf so feel free to add me.
I love all the Matrix films but I only saw them all three times.
They are brilliant entertaining and gripping its better than anything unless we talk about something uncomparable.
I like comedies as well my favourites are Austin Powers and Ace Ventura.
My favourite cartoons are Ed Edd n Eddy and Avatar.
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Sorry, i stopped with exploits and etc.
Hajsen Sep 6 @ 4:40am 
added you for open trial
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Iroh from irohland
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+rep :whiterabbit:
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Sick aussie bro.
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Borak vagyok noskill fos. Locsoljak holnap, vagy jó lesz most? :SpaceKitten: