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Hello. Welcome. Goodbye.
Hello, and welcome to my profile.
Okay, here's information about the most idiotic person you'll ever see!
Hobbies: Cooking, working out, etc.

Pet: Cole iz best kitty cat loaf and likes to rub his head on me :D

Fun fact: Kicked a goose in the ass, know a little bit about tennis, Likes carrot cake.
-Where to reach me-

Steam: You have reached your destination.

Discord: Craziє#0464 (copy n paste this, the e will waste your time.)

Twitter: (exclusively for people I trust.)
Other things I do are play games (Shocker I know) or watch cooking videos.

You'll usually see me on TF2, Bloons td6, or Terraria.

Mains in TF2 in order of when I started:

1. Engi

2. Heavy

3. Demo

4. Pyro

If I'm not on those, expect me on Minecraft, Bloons TD 6, or terraria.

And if you cannot reach me here, there, or...anywhere,

I'm usually chatting with buddies on discord so add me there if you want :D.

I try to be nice and calm but will act rowdy at random or when someone wants to test me.
I also collect stranges. So that's neat and helps pass the time.

Current strange count: 454
Unusuals: 8

Overall goal: Get 1000 stranges, be crazy while doing it, get rootbeer BD

Just gonna leave this here if anyone wanna help me on my journey to 1000 stranges or 500, whichever I reach first and dont stop at.


Also I adopted or married people in tf2, idk how just role with it >.>

-People I've adopted (somehow)- (Nut, husband) (Pan) (Ari) (Astro) (Black) (Lactose) (Sleepy) (Jbrow) (KeiLun) (El Gaupo) (Webp) (Nabikun, pet axolotl)

Anyways, stay awesome my guys and gals and my other gendered pals! <3

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Craziє (but scary) 6 hours ago 
I would agree but tea just keeps me emotionally stable at times.

So my opinion is just my own very personal one.
SomebodyDied 6 hours ago 
Hot Chocolate: better than tea
Craziє (but scary) 7 hours ago 
Tea: The drink that calms me and says I'm worth it :>
Craziє (but scary) Sep 29 @ 4:39pm 
fzes ♥♥♥♥ off
Devil`s Rejected Sep 29 @ 4:30pm 

Cool story bro, make a documentary and put it on youtubes. ~
I am just confused why you say such things about localization ---- files but whatever.
Fzes Sep 29 @ 4:22pm 
The person below me is lying. I was humble and generous to him and offered him to my pleasant and peaceful place. He denied and launched an attack on my fellow friends. Most of my friends have abandoned me. I am left with only 2 friends now. Crazie and his friends have been terrorizing what many may know as their favorite game" Team Fortress 2." Up until now i have not heard of Crazie. Today, he suddenly thought of adding me to 1v1 me. I denied the offer to 1v1 him. He then used profanity against me in very aggressive ways some have not heard of. The attack of Crazie and his fellows continues. If anyone encounters him in game. Leave the game. Do not try kicking him or his fellows will hunt you down for years to try and finish the job of ending you. Crazie's name speaks for itself. He is diffidently crazy. May he help himself.