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MK | Baan killed bobminion with world.

*DEAD* chad thundercock: time to call in lw
Chad Thundercock left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*DEAD* ReDead : cheats will only get you in jail buddy

Elvis Parsley : Kick baan
*DEAD* Fisheater4 : why?
*DEAD* Elvis Parsley : he's a pro, he can't play casual
Fisheater4 : ...

Satsuma: Ban is a hacker

Depressed Automaton: nice shot.

ttv.WitlessConnor : ignor his australiums and shit, hijacked account

giggatrex: i can parcour

Cyrus: how many kill ya'll got? i got 9

Toomnok: ffs is everyone a cheater at this point

GAMER: I'm racist and I'm not a bot :(

HELD BACK TWICE IN PRESCHOOL!: the racists are well knon as hackers on aus servers

[ID 9] [15:17:26] [U:1:895006080] Baan: @everyone
[ID 9] [15:17:28] [U:1:895006080] Baan: hehehe
[18:18] Varl/Pest: @Baan lmao
[18:20] 𝕭𝖆𝖅🌌: @Baan big brain
[18:28] RACIST COP: @Baan abusing my chat log fucker!
[19:30] Baan: you make it too easy

platinumtitan76: oml. they have evovled from snipers to engi

cup: those RACIST guys are hackers

giawhit99: 'welcome back to the winning team'

platinumtitan76: we could completeley counter them by going spy\

Finna: ppl with racist in front of their name r hackers
asuka langley soryu: we dont even need to state proof

Krumpet: knise walls

Krumpet: go get a knife and stick it up your ass you fucking niggerskin

χҲҳ_τƒ2ℊΩȡ_๖ۣۜ42Ǿ: cya n00b

Fissure: red has hacker

RedHatPat: Kick Baan?
RedHatPat: Lol, booted
//I get kicked//
Pootis Bird ( KICK UR HACKER
D E L T A: ye
Noobister: kick
D E L T A: kick ur hacker too
klown: KICK RA TOO
vandalv: WE CANT
Stan The Pan Mann: why
Water Dispenser v.1.0: hacker?
RedHatPat: I probs shouldn't have done that
I probs shouldn't have done that

The overmind: noo one can hes bypassing the kick system

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[Pedo Protector1]
[Pedo Protector2]
[Pedo Protector3]
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poo master 5000 11 hours ago 
can i buy ur skyrim sword 23 refined (thats half a KEY!)
cattish Apr 3 @ 3:01am 
Added because you're wayyy too OP sniper, teach me senpai ;^;
tf2hole Apr 1 @ 8:26am 
MK | JIMBO Mar 31 @ 7:15am 
Isn’t that the intro from csi?
yvgoro Mar 31 @ 6:08am 
who are you
Pepsi Cola Mar 31 @ 12:31am 
+Rep One of the best gamers alive.