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A fan made-cover of the song Never More, from the Persona 4 Soundtrack. Original video can be found here .

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Terraria is a fascinating game, that introduces players to an open, 2D world that features adventure, building, crafting, boss battles and much more. As a player who had experienced the vanilla and the mod variant, I’ll be commenting for both game experiences.

The vanilla [original] game present you with the basic components of how to play. While it can be a grind at the start to gather materials to build, in the later game you’ll be introduced to more content, new areas, enemies and NPCs. The game is hugely focused on progression, which makes it quite an addiction to play. My favorite aspects of the game are the weapons and gear, plus the boss battles. No item is ever the same, as well as the monsters that we face. The aesthetics are also nice; the Plantera mask and kimono were one of my personal favorites to dress for my character. Lots of items in the game are customizable, including colour changes to upgrades for bonus stats.

Now, for the mod version, there were even more available content for players. The mods my friends and I played with on his server were namely the Thorium Mod and Calamity mod. These mods added features such as more boss monsters, items, NPC and more. Some players will frown at mods and call it “cheats” and whatnot. However, this is not the case as it brings more complexity to the original game, and it's not intended for new players anyways. We played on Expert/Revengeance mode and fought additional bosses like Astrium Deus, and the Siren and Leviathan. In my experience, the modded variation provided and even more thrilling challenge than the Vanilla version. I recommend trying it after you’ve completed the original game.

In general, Terraria is a must-play for anyone who hasn’t done so.
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Welcome to the Full Achievement Guide for PAYDAY 2! This guide will explain how to do every single achievement in the game. It will be updated throughout the entire lifetime of PAYDAY 2.