Imagine being a self made millionaire.

Imagine coming from nothing - being given the same hours in your life as everyone else and having used them to make your dreams come true instead of wasting them smoking weed and watching reality TV

Less than 1% of the worlds millionaires are below 40. And only half of them are single.

Men who can provide are in the top 0.5% of the most desirable men in the world.

Imagine driving a car so amazing people scream "rented" at you all day. Knowing you paid for it in cash.

Imagine those people being stupid enough to think they insulted you in your lambo while they stand at the bus stop.

Imagine having all the things money can't buy.

Strong. Healthy.

With family and friends who you love.

Imagine understanding these are actually linked to cash.

TIME to train.

TIME to see friends.

MONEY is important.

Imagine telling your mum she never needs to work again.

Imagine listening to people’s views knowing you have a genius IQ.

And they don't.

Imagine telling your school teachers you don't need school because you are too smart to be told what to do and then earning more per week than they do per year.

Imagine giving money to every homeless person you pass and not filming it for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Facebook likes.

Imagine overtaking the 45 year old man who's driving too slow and him screaming at you at the lights.

I'm sorry friend.

My cars are worth more than 20years of your salary.

My time is worth money, yours obviously isn't.

Imagine living life and truely being happy with yourself.

Imagine having nights where your too excited to sleep because life is so crazy.

Imagine not going to sleep until you’re genuinely tired. Not because you need to get up at a certain time.

Spending a Wednesday morning watching the sunrise and sleeping all day. Because you weren't tired Tuesday night.

Imagine never arguing with your partner over money.

Imagine understanding they don't teach financial planning in school is because it would stop everyone from going to uni.

Hundreds of college graduation photos every year.

0 "I'm a millionaire" posts.

You finish in debt for a degree nobody cares about.

Simply because you "didn't know what to do" when you finished college.

Imagine telling people about your life.

The people you meet.
The places you go.
The women you spend your time with. The things you have.
The memories you've made.

Imagine it being so different from their world that they call you a liar.

Imagine not believing depression is a real disease.

Simply people living lives they don't want to live.

Sure - I'd be depressed too if I worked in Starbucks and couldn't give the girl I love the life she deserves. Who wouldn't?

And because you didn't want to work in Starbucks.

Imagine you could get the best health care in the world for someone you loved at the end of their life.

Imagine looking back on your 20s knowing you spent them earning money.

Imagine being happy you don't look back on ur past and see drunken nights and video games like most people do.

Imagine never wanting a Netflix subscription because you don't have time to waste watching box sets when you can afford to be living real life in the real world.

Imagine knowing your children will grow up with the best possible life.

Imagine not knowing the name of any celebrities because you don't want to live vicariously through anyone else.

Your own life is too amazing to care about anyone else's.

You don't care about them because they don't care about you.


We all fail.


If you don't play you never win

If you never give up,

You never lose.

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shavo Sep 16 @ 1:32pm 
Being rich really isn't difficult.

You follow the basic rules that nobody teaches.
shavo Sep 3 @ 3:17pm 
I know talented men who are unsuccessful.

I know smart men who are unsuccessful.

I do not know a single man who’s genuinely persistent that doesn’t have a fantastic life.

Persistence is key.

It trumps talent and intelligence

If you never give up

You never lose
shavo Aug 9 @ 11:53am 
How should you FEEL when you’re happy is SELF DEFINED

You get grumpy and consider it sad

I get grumpy and consider it happy

This is what I have DECIDED. I only live within my own mind. I can draw the barriers

Outside of total annihilation. I am happy. ALWAYS
shavo Aug 9 @ 11:51am 
If only there were a university you could go to where your teachers were financially successful.

There would be fewer far fewer masters degree holders scraping a living on 5 figures.
shavo Aug 3 @ 10:11am 
If i didn't go to university but your friends did.

why can i buy 4 million dollar cars and they can't?

Because I'm a criminal?

Because i got lucky?

Or because university doesn't teach you how to make money.
shavo Jul 28 @ 3:32am 
I had a dream.

I was young and tall and strong and healthy.

I was travelling around Catalonia drinking espresso and writing poetry.

There was nowhere I HAD to go but 100 places I WANTED to go - and I had the time to see them all.

I was making money from the sky, my bank account was larger every time I checked it, and I was driving a white Lamborghini.

Then I woke up.

And the Lamborghini was blue.