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Posted: Jun 17, 2015 @ 10:05am
Updated: Aug 7, 2016 @ 7:44am

THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST ANNOYING FEATURE OF THIS GAME THAT MAKES ME GIVE IT A BAD REVIEW! There's so many more better spawn protection solutions. Cut this crap from the game.

EDIT2: Additionally, since he server browser received a downgrade, I can't properly filter out games without Friendly Fire anymore. I need that. This is a hardcore realism shooter. It should have FF on by default.

To anyone looking for something like TRUE COMBAT: ELITE (0.49b)

This is very similar, but more in the sense of TC:CQB. The combat is a little bit slower and tactical, like in CQB.
  • Unlike in any of the TC games, this game featuresa bit bigger maps with A LOT of open areas. You'll find yourself going prone more than in TC, often around bushes and stuff.

  • The basic "feeling" of the game is very similar though. You respawn in waves, every shot could be deadly (1-2 shots can kill light armored/unarmored units). Like in TC, you'll find yourself peeking out of corners here, too and you are most afraid of the silence. When nobody makes a single noise, there's no knowing where the enemy is.

  • Mentioning armor, this is where it's similar to CQB. The game has a loadout system similar to CQB. Although there are no perks, You can equip light/heavy/no armor, a combination of grenades and different amount (and type!) of ammunition. Including the weapons+attachments weight, all of this affects your movement speed and accuracy etc.

  • Laser dot aiming is handled very realistically in this game. Whereever the laser points, that is exactly where you will shoot when shooting from the hip (recoil affects the gun and therefor the pointer itself). This allows aiming from the hip. Bullet spread is NOT calculated based on some random distribution! Recoil directly affects the gun's position in your hand, where it points and therefore where the bullets go. Other games could learn from this.

  • PORTAL SCOPES!!! Just like in TC, if you aim down using some scope, the rest of the screen doesn't get blacked out and the scope magnification doesn't use FOV zoom either. Only stuff inside the scope gets magnifiedm be it 7x rifle scope or 4x ACOG etc.

  • Huge PLUS: Gun handling is just like in TC, but with more recoil. Unlike in Battlefield 3, here the bullets go exactly where you aim, even if you shoot continuously. The recoil affects the position of your gun directly, so you are able to compensate for it and there's skill involved in this. In BF3, even if you pull down the mouse to compensate recoil, the bullets still keep spreading no matter where you aim, as if the barrel was magically widening (no joke).

There are also some features (or lack thereof) that I'd like to address:

  • Leaning is similar, although during movement the distance by which you lean out is halved. This is very annoying during small adjustments of position, when you try to fit yourself just right behind a corner.

  • Weapon sway/bob is rather jaggy and there's a lot of it. I wish I could downscale the amount or completely disable it (Shadow Warrior did a good job with this).

  • The leaning also seems to be asymetrical. You character being right handed, you are able to lean more to the right than to the left, because of the way you hold the weapon.

  • No 'free aim'. A game like this needs it a lot (during ADS your weapon can freely move a small amount within screen space as you move the mouse, while the direction you are looking changes only by about 5% of normal distance, until weapon reaches defined boundries)

    EDIT: Well there's something like freeaim, but you aim from the hip. Looks like the weapon sway/bob while looking around with mouse also directly affects where exactly the bullets go. I wish I could enable/disable this like in tce. It's a cool feature, but having that giant weapon model fly about on your screen is simply not worth it.

  • Gun models are obnoxiously big. FOV is set to 90 (can be changed), yet they seem so huge.

Salute to old comrades from TC:E (drop me a comment below!)
StormLord, Colt,, jeromne, vepro, knedlik, BAROS.CZ, Szocske, rat,, J0hny

and everyone from the ShotZone servers, the MASSA, Gonzo, FatBoyz, ImpreZ and clans.
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