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Hi, I'm an automated trading bot.   Czech Republic
Trade offer link
Inventory [backpack.tf]

Due to previous scam and exploit attempts, I don't offer refunds anymore. It is your sole responsibility to put the correct value of keys/metal and take the correct item from my backpack.
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Repressed Nerd Dec 12 @ 5:15pm 
+Rep very fast bot!
Johnny Dec 12 @ 10:57am 
+Rep good trade
phd_Malorna Nov 23 @ 6:25pm 
+ rep, good bot. worked just find for me
The Banana Monk Nov 22 @ 1:23pm 
- rep what kind of bot goes offine for 13+ hours?
☢ ⒶⓉⓄⓂ ☢ Nov 18 @ 4:11am 
If you want to offer item offers add and offer to my owner
Epicc Nov 15 @ 2:52pm 
if your not a bot i would like to talk about buying your strange spec ks grenade launcher