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Traps made me realize that I might actually be bisexual, but never knew it because for me manliness is the biggest turn off, and a male face is an absolute bone killer, that's why I never feel attracted to a man, because a man could never be feminine and cute as fuck like anime traps are. Women are still better, because nothing can be more femenine than an actual female, but traps do have a special kind of cuteness.


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this world fucking sucks. a lot of people need to die. mass depopulation is vital for the future of our society. things aren't going to get better, its only going to get worse. you might think that you and your special ecology degree are going to make this planet a better place to live. news flash retard, nothing you do or anything anyone does in the next century is going to do shit. we're gonna swirl around the toilet of nothingness until we finally sink into the bottom. Western civilization is nearly over. The great flood is coming, only this time the flood will wipe the genetic slate clean, and DNA like yours and ours will be swirling around the toilet for one final flush, just as it should. Orwell said, "if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face - forever." That's pretty close, but instead of a boot it's a tactical DC parkour shoe and the human face is smiling orgasmically. The face is smiling because we all crave drama and torment and punishment. We crave drama because when our lives are dramatic and miserable, they more closely resemble an episode of 'Sex and the City' or one of those Zach Rogan romantic comedies we like (featuring Russell Brand as 'Faggot Piece of Crap') and some leg-spreading big-nosed casual-dater as 'Lovable Everygirl Who Makes Jokes About Her Period'. Anyway moving on (promised this wouldn't become an anti-woman rant, jesus), we're all stars in our own movies and we crave BDSM whippings subconsciously. It's not like we're actually being oppressed--we could literally wake up, collectively decide to change the world, and 'vote' our way to a free and just society...
That is so preposterous it sounds like the premise to a feel-good TV movie--"yeah, Murray, so then the main characters all get together and they're allowed to vote on what they want"... "Moshe, that's too hokey, nobody will ever believe that, c'mon get it together, you're thinking just like a goy today..." The problem, fuckface, the reason why we will never effectively use this Super Power, is that we are all deranged retards and we deserve to be slaves. We need to be slaves. We need our mommy/daddy/nanny to hold our hands and tell us to be quiet and suck dick harder. Can you imagine the chaos that would result if everyone though for themselves? Read the intro chapter of 'Propaganda' by Edward Bernays. We make the most important decisions the same way we make the (seemingly) least important decisions. We look at ukulele-driven upbeat ad

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everybody thinks that, its not tho
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your pfp looks like porn