.cr⁴shy #BiUiYBiTiC👑
Mak∃ m∃ 👑   Niger
Grab my gats, locate my comrades
Let's get my enemies not knowin' I'm comin' back

Get my money out the safe
It's time to turn the streets into a war zone
Soon as I get home.

Charon wouldn't even give a bad bitch dick for free
see it costs for the boss.

oow wait The RockStar in the building,

Like Flavor Flave clock diamonds and rubys.

Oh! what a feeling
and i ain't worried about

the haters or the snitches
to keep it real i rather

First fuck bitches, then get money.

Prada and Gucci
Diamonds and Rubys

Stepped out the Lambo like i'm dressed for a Movie
Lambo, 2 door, ready for the action.

She smiles a nigga full of passion
ooh wait she wet Like a jaccuzi.

First fuck bitches, then get money.
First fuck bitches, then get money.
First fuck bitches, then get money.

I know you don't know, what life is really worth
It's not all that glitters is gold, half the story has never been told.

In this society where only gettin' the cash counts
I started out as a beginner
Entered the criminal lifestyle, became a sinner.
Rose up from the slums, made it out the flames.

I put my faith in God
Blessed and still breathin

Headed for doom, still consumed by the beast.

:UltraCrazyMoney: :UltraCrazyMoney: :UltraCrazyMoney: Follow the Money, Rich is always first, Rich is always best :UltraCrazyMoney: :UltraCrazyMoney: :UltraCrazyMoney:

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