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...They're always departing but they never arrive... and the ones that do arrive... they never leave... you never see them go they're always full... no one ever gets on but they're always... they're always departing but they never arrive...

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HypFox Aug 19 @ 7:13am 
hey magicschoolrp.com i added you can we talk
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accept discord friend request jo._o
Ying Aug 16 @ 6:18pm 
ain't no way this man got boys on his discord talking about how Auschwitz was for the best
Dicey Jun 4 @ 6:41am 
+rep UwU
BOT#762 Apr 26 @ 10:14am 
sok a noob :calm_creep:
MEME.DADDY Apr 12 @ 6:21pm 
are you the school shooting wizard