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...They're always departing but they never arrive... and the ones that do arrive... they never leave... you never see them go they're always full... no one ever gets on but they're always... they're always departing but they never arrive...

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King Bram May 21 @ 4:12pm 
About donator job or something
Didrik May 11 @ 3:27pm 
You already what it is, Lil Tay youngest flexer of the century. Im only 9 years old but im richer than y'all broke ass haters this be kitchen and it bigger than yo living room, and i got 4 more houses y'all haters already older than me y'all still talking shit im a 9 year old millionare and i be smoking dope bitch, shut up before i smack yo auntie.
Ham Salesman May 6 @ 2:58pm 
this is not an actual puma. false advertising.
Darth Foqui 👻 Apr 6 @ 1:30pm 
ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ <3
Ceta Apr 6 @ 12:17pm 
If you were to swallow smoke, could i use you as a human bong?
Sqlfox Mar 31 @ 11:46am 
720 hours until a year spent on Garry's Mod!