vilju norkedof (performer)
local knacker man 🐣   Moron, Hovsgol, Mongolia
Zakarumite: put "i am hot' instead of that thing in your profile info
big shlunk: put "i am really hot" instead of that thing in your profile info
Salty Dad: put "i am really fucking hot" instead of that thing in your profile info

spokesperson for human rites

video gaming as a form of casualty

00:06: im gonna take a shower

fairytale warfare starring

an alig'r alig-ator


vilju norkedof (performer): clu
Zakarumite is now Online.
Zakarumite: what did you say
Zakarumite: do you have any shoes
vilju norkedof (performer): 6_6
Zakarumite: 8_8
vilju norkedof (performer): 9_9
Zakarumite: racis
Zakarumite is now Offline.

vilju norkedof (performer): thatt axe tipping me hand did a lota damg
Zakarumite is now Online.
Zakarumite: ripped one language
Zakarumite: boner
vilju norkedof (performer): i do not understand your boning conquestation
vilju norkedof (performer): nevertheless i spurn to turn my sapphire alloyed with diamond eye into the darker setting
vilju norkedof (performer): a gesture of cowardice
vilju norkedof (performer): i keep my mashed bonemeal clean
Zakarumite: you misunderstand me either way my granstitious undersot
vilju norkedof (performer): that is a riling suggestion, even for you lady arkayechan
Zakarumite: begrit my begotten beggar, sneaker
Zakarumite: is that clear
vilju norkedof (performer): is this a mating joke, that is mating embarrassing
Zakarumite: how dare you assume such estimations about my linguistics
Zakarumite: do you find majs to be enjoyable
vilju norkedof (performer): my estimations fell into its grave. simple mistake.
vilju norkedof (performer): majs is a frequent entertainment of mine, especially corrupted in thousand island
Zakarumite: a thousand glittering island leggards
vilju norkedof (performer): polyester dog
Zakarumite: splintered on the oceans clean thistles of brink
vilju norkedof (performer): thats a bit soaked, dont you think
Zakarumite: ingratedly not, bethift my snitches and the sole prupose will not commence
vilju norkedof (performer): so i say, wheres the money in that
Zakarumite: blended right into the carbon fiber hull
vilju norkedof (performer): heard any news from the other parts of ymeria
Zakarumite: all bankers are bandits
Zakarumite: the treasure is hidden in gnukhlarl
vilju norkedof (performer): in fact, all bandits are bankrupt
Zakarumite: is that so my honorable lordess
vilju norkedof (performer): that is a prestigious overtakement of a medieval informed genderformation
vilju norkedof (performer): did they happen to assume my transition this current
Zakarumite: i hath not acquired this tranquilous information yet my sir
vilju norkedof (performer): forgive me for the inevideble inividible evmnenvidl ieni inevitable intrusion slut
Zakarumite: wow did youjust assume my position of power
vilju norkedof (performer): without question
vilju norkedof (performer): inbred honger

Zakarumite: what superbly featured room and what excellent boiled cocaine
vilju norkedof (performer): those are potatoes my good friend, and i think you need to lay the medicaments offside

vilju norkedof (performer): yeias go on aheido
basic_but_cool_skeleton: godonight
vilju norkedof (performer): ghonidght
basic_but_cool_skeleton: skeletal lover
vilju norkedof (performer): skeltal loafer
basic_but_cool_skeleton: ill bone u tonite ☺
basic_but_cool_skeleton is now Offline.
basic_but_cool_skeleton is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
vilju norkedof (performer): use responsibly

zarna joshi answers your mail REEEEEEEEEEEE: hello
zarna joshi as witch

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orderbringer wativ hing
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operation: harvesting season

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im gonna camp A

queen fyawa


deaf beat

d2 remix

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Tommy Wiseau

by skeleton minion
xXb0nE bl4z3RxX
gnomes, bones and skeletones


Bill: DAMMIT, who's Louis?
Louis: Who, me?
Bill: Hold my fault.
Louis: Me?!
Bill: DAMMIT, Louis, you didn't have to do that!
Bill: LET ME lead on.

Nick: Ten bucks screw Coach. It may not be pretty, but that's what I like to see.

Bill: They didn't have steak Francis.
Francis: Let's go late. Stop for a second... Everytime I'm in Bill.
Bill: You people rot.

Francis: Overtake it. Hell, I don't need it.
Francis: Now, that is a sweet ass, Zoey.

Francis: If it ain't too much trouble, I'm in trouble!
Bill: Someone needs to recover me.

[Tank yells]
Francis: Bill. You go ahead, I'll get the hell back.
Bill: Watch my ..Back Back Back Back Back!

Nick: Kid. You think you can kid?
Nick: Well, it beats my Rochelle.
Nick: Candytits!

Francis: I need some help over here!
Bill: I don't help!
Bill: Zoey, can you spare me a BACKUP!?

Bill: I am gonna miss that man and watch my back.

Francis: Get me pills, God! Kill that Bill!

Rochelle: Throwing a partytime!

Log: [District][Osilo]: i add you bitch, i own you
Log: [District][CrazyCI0wn]: for sure hom ie
Log: [District][AlexDailey]: LOL

Francis: Yo captain Bill, can we take this ship?
Captain Bill: No, Francis, we back up.
Francis: We are on backup!

Louis: OH SHIT, here they come, here they come! OH man, HERE THEY COME! Do i look like Francis?

Bill: Zoey. I need you to shut up. Ready?

User: My men would like a word with you about your purse and all belongings.

Cleverbot: Well I don't know. Evolution I guess.

User: Stand and deliver, motherfucker.

zoey: louiiiss!?
louis: whaddya say over there?

francis: you know all those monsters? i dont think theyre sorry about that
francis: dont worry, dont worry, we all hurry
francis: back! get your rear incoming!

bill: ahh, more stairs.
louis: its lights, DAMMIT!

francis: we after you.
francis: i think im with ya.

bill: smoke, im here. lets kill francis. well, i shouldnt have done that.
bill: can anyone hear me? out.

*francis gets shot*
francis: do i owe you one?

bill: turn your flashlights off.
francis: yes. turn off over there.

francis: watch my shit
francis: this is turning into bill
zoey: SPITTER!
francis: hehe... LOUISSS!

[OddMind]: whats an up

nick: kill every clown, you tits!
nick: stay away from the tits
nick: we are walking through the valley of the shadow of tits

nick: look at you? what are we waiting for, lets screw this

coach: boy, quit pointing that thing my way
nick: why not? i follow you

nick: rochelle! ass!!
rochelle: yeah. wazzup wit dat?!!
nick: bitch!!
rochelle: ohh shut up!!

nick: goddamn it is getting goddamn it
nick: shoot the damn damn
nick: goddamn it it is getting good goddamn it im covered in goo goddamn it goddamn it goddamn it goddamn it shoot the damn tank, damn

rochelle: break time to get going
nick: dont move from god. forgive me, ok?

rochelle: sweet mother nick
rochelle: break yo neck

ellis: aint telling you something you dont know but coach
nick: kandy koach

rochelle: ha, whos yo nick
coach: heh haha, you are a girl
nick: hhhaha what do you know. lets go

francis: share the time to kill every bill
francis: im grabbing oopsy-daylights

bill: you go ahead, ill cover me
bill: that was a good piece of francis
francis: i knew you had it in bill
bill: watch my back up
louis: chill pills bill

francis: get your asses in bill
bill: they didnt cover me. they didnt watch my back. francis. cover louis. hurry dammit.

francis: zoey. i heard ya! im coming!
[witch moans]

live screenplay as bill

Player Dick Justice has joined the game
vilju norkedof (performer) : watch my great.. ahh... BACK UP
hanzup (performer) : dick justice warrior
vilju norkedof (performer) : I am Zoey
vilju norkedof (performer) : I cover me, Francis
hanzup (performer) : i got hay.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Behindlights, take this.
vilju norkedof (performer) : I thank most here, Francis.
vilju norkedof (performer) : You did cover me.
hanzup (performer) : i dont see any pills here
vilju norkedof (performer) : I can't outhurry Louis.
hanzup (performer) : people, kill faster
vilju norkedof (performer) : Well. I ain't out.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Let's weight help.
vilju norkedof (performer) : France. Thank you.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Pipe bomb overcover me.
(Survivor) Dick Justice : kill me
vilju norkedof (performer) : Cover Francis. Help cover Francis.
vilju norkedof (performer) : We gonna-Ain't gonna happen.
(Survivor) Dick Justice : kill me again
vilju norkedof (performer) : outled
hanzup (performer) : nice hellmove
vilju norkedof (performer) : Clear, right? Clear.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Let's wait, let's go people. Who's out?
vilju norkedof (performer) : Watch my back get a little light hurry.
vilju norkedof (performer) : I kill that hustle, sorry about that.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Hold time, watch my ammo here.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Don't anybody cover me over there?
vilju norkedof (performer) : Hurry, my mother.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Good you go, Eye-Louis.
Deskaz : kill me
Deskaz : tks
vilju norkedof (performer) : Goddamnit, I turn your Francis.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Don't hurry. Oh help, Francis.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Son of a damn, hehe yeah.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Help kill, take the point.
vilju norkedof (performer) : Watch my back, back it up. Income help.
vilju norkedof (performer) : You're doing this unit, Louis.
vilju norkedof (performer) : COVER FRANCIS. LITTLE FASTER, MOVE IT PEOPLE.

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