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While some might consider it a bit too grindy, and I mean, it is grindy, it's the kind of grind that I find fun. Fight through hordes of seemingly endless enemies doing several different objectives. Randomly generated tilesets almost guaranteeing that no mission is the same twice. And one of my favorites, all the customization options available for your warframes and weapons. All of this and more with a pretty nice community and excellent developer team that strives to make a good game first and foremost.

Cannot recommend enough.
Posted November 26, 2018.
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I've played the game when it was originally on the classic Xbox. I thought it was one of the best obscure games at the time. Fun little platformer with beautiful animations, good controls, and gorgeously designed levels. All of this ported over and upgraded for PC. Has some sound issues from when I last played, but all-in-all, it's nice.

Good platformer if you were disappointed by Yooka-Laylee.
Posted November 23, 2017.
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When I first bought this game, I loved and played the singleplayer. The singleplayer component of the game is really fun and I want to say would be worth it alone.

Unfortunately for this game there's the online and arguably more popular portion of it.

Let's start with the most recent case of horridness. From all the reviews I've been seeing on the store page here, a lot of people have been getting legitimately earned money taken from them with no explanation and Rockstar ignoring any support tickets sent to them about the issue. While I haven't had any issues with this myself I can completely believe that this is happening given how little Rockstar seems to care about the game, outside of the money it generates for them, combined with the other bad design decisions they have done for the game.

Which brings me to my next point. This game really just seems to be little more to Rockstar than a cashgrab, and it really shows. Almost all of the newer DLCs that come out are extremely pricey (It takes about $100 to get the most expensive yacht for instance) and requires several hours of grinding to get even just a few of the items that come out each update. Most of the missions and jobs in GTA Online pay out very little given how much you need for most of the items and playing heists with randoms is about as painful as getting your teeth pulled between how long it can take to get 4 people to start the heist only to have your teammates either die repeatedly or them ending up rage quitting. Also, doing CEO/MC sale missions in public sessions full of people? Forget it. They'll easily be able to blow up your cargo, in most cases you can't really do much about it, if they do manage to blow your cargo up you will get nothing out of it and lose all the money you put into getting the crates.

Speaking of other players, the game is also littered with modders. So many of them to the point where it's insulting that this is considered a $60 AAA game.

I am still unconvinced that they did NOT do this all (losing the legit funds seems like gross incompetence though) in order to promote the sales of sharkcards. Why bother making the game actually fun to play and pay out fairly when you could just pay Rockstar a good sum of money to just bypass all of that? Heck, even the Take-Two president came out a few months ago and basically said that GTA V is UNDERmonetized.

Lastly, a more minor complaint of mine and a few others, the AI seems ridiculous at times with near aimbot level aim. Sure that police officer just hit me 3 times, killing me, while both of us are speeding in vehicles, fine, sure...whatever.

All-in-all, a good and fun game that had severe promise and even several decent things about it ruined by awful business practices and awful designs. I would highly recommend against playing the online even if you buy it.
Posted February 11, 2017. Last edited September 1, 2017.
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I've had this game for less than 1 day and I've already requested a refund.

For my computer anyway, it keeps randomly, frequently crashing before or after the logo intro bit. Really wanted to enjoy this on Steam but so far it's crashed more times than it has worked. This combined with the other problems I've seen people report in other reviews and on the discussion boards make me have to say do not buy this game even on sale.

Game is fun, but the port, in my experience at least, is awful.
Posted January 22, 2016. Last edited May 11, 2016.
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The first Amnesia game was a very decent survival horror game. It had spooky environments, enemies, and overall a good story and experience.

This game on the other hand takes away too much of the elements that were in the first game to feel like an Amnesia game. Inventory system is completely gone, no custom stories, looking at enemies doesn't drain sanity, and overall less scary environments and less scary moments. If you are expecting the same experience from the first game don't even bother with this game.
Posted December 2, 2013. Last edited December 4, 2013.
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