[xG:A] Tsunderplane
Shadowy Figure   United States
It's not like I LIKE you.
Information about me. (Please actually read this!)
Howdy-do there! Just another gamer here to have fun while meeting great people!

Friend Invite Policy:
Please do NOT add me for trades. I don't have much of an interest in trading and if there is any particular item I want or anything I'm looking to sell I will offer a trade link in the items up for trade box.

I am really hesitant to accept random adds from people who don't leave comments beforehand.

Info About Me:
I love playing games, obviously, because I have Steam. I'm into making posters in Photoshop usually combined with the previously mentioned interest. I also occasionally make game related videos and post them to Youtube.

I have autism. I might not react to something the same way you would.

D!@P3R$ on my wolf?! It's more likely than you think!:
:happy_creep: This be a poof-wearing wolf! Ye hath been warned!
:angry_creep: The probability of my wolf being seen in a full diaper has converged on never .

Good Friendos:
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Dames Zhealfor 16. zář. v 12.51 
Sorry that we aren't friends, I have a lot and I don't usually talk to all of them. Who were you again. Like what game did we meet?
echo 31. srp. v 8.03 
Hello! Saw your profile and decided to say hi.
Captain Eevee 13. čvn. v 17.55 
add, because why not?
Engi 14. bře. v 16.14 
A_Dumb_Deer 19. led. v 19.12 
+rep cause im doing a random act of kindness.
buddeman27 (Wumbus) 16. led. v 13.12 
Hello fellow Texan