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If you didnt skipped cutscenes and paid attention to cutscenes you would heared some words that aren't in english and are used only by qurians. In this guide our most beloved quarian Tali will teach you the meaning of these words she and her people used in
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Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition
Mass Effect ™ Legendary Edition is a remaster of the sci-fi trilogy from the early 2000s. The plot takes place less than 200 years in the future, and we travel around the galaxy as Shepard, an ordinary soldier with a great future ahead (I played the trilogy as a man, in your case it can be a woman). Graphically, each game looks the same in the remaster, and since the character creator is well done, I will not dwell on the graphics (which are incredibly pretty anyway). The game ran smoothly and I never had any technical problems.
Mass Effect 1
With the help of the remaster, even this game looks very nice graphically (there are certainly more details than in Andromeda). The facial movement animations and basically everything else are very well done, nothing seems numb. The interactions with the crew are well written, and the story itself beats all expectations. Exploration is interesting, but it is quite minimalistic. Perfectly balanced. The firing system is okay, although you can't feel the power of these weapons, the good thing is that this will be fixed in the following games. I personally did not like exploring planets using Mako (an armored vehicle), the terrain of these maps is too mountainous and the Mako is an unstable vehicle, which makes it really difficult to drive. This feature was also thrown out in the following games, which is a good sign as you can see that the developers (at least then) cared about player opinions. The only thing that pisses me off is the inability to romance Tali (and Garrus if we're playing as a woman). This will also be fixed in the future of the series, but anyway, the lack of this romance is a big downside (and I can't get the achievement to romance someone in all 3 games because romancing someone other than Tali would be inappropriate in my eyes).
Mass Effect 2
When talking about the plot, this game is even better than the first one, exploring populated planets is really fun, we don't have to bother with the ills of the first game. Basically everything has been improved. I am very happy about the option/ability to romance Tali. Weapons are much better here, you can finally feel their power. The opponents are much more diverse, and the missions themselves also have more details. Shepard and his crew seem more and more alive, actively talking to each other and exchanging memories, information, etc. I wasn't sure about the slightly orange filter used in this game, but I got used to it quickly. Our conversational choices make a huge difference to the rest of the story, and it's epic. However, the only thing that annoys me here is that we probably got too many new characters here. And don't get me wrong, all of them are written phenomenally, however, due to the amount of new characters, some of them just come too late. For example, Legion appears literally at the very end of the game, so we can't really bond with him, which is a pity, because he's one of the best companions in the trilogy.
Mass Effect 3
Again, everything is improved here. The bothersome aspects of previous games have disappeared, leaving the best with us and adding even more cool stuff. The plot is absolutely phenomenal. Shooting is even more fun. The world around us is alive, people talk and generally interact with each other in every large location. This also applies to our crew, which now moves around the ship, actively interacting with the environment. The dialogues are brilliantly written and the voice actors squeeze out their best to produce brilliant results. I would also like to say that the music for each game is brilliant, and here, the quality hits the ceiling. However, something bad started happening here. Not that it ruined the game, it is still one of the best games on the market. But here, EA started pushing BioWare hard, which never turns out to be a good idea. Forcibly pressed multiplayer disappeared in the remaster, but you can still feel traces of it, because the developers in a hurry, took shortcuts during the ending and it shows. In the final battle, the storylines start to fall apart and they don't stick together, things happen without explanation. And although they put as much details into it as possible, it is still an incredibly unsatisfactory ending, especially since our decisions, e.g. whether we were bad or good, in the end simply do not matter. The ending is very rushed and there is no good epilogue here. As I mentioned, I had a romance with Tali (I'd like to mention that romance with Tali is amazingly well written, in my eyes it's the best romance ever in the world of video games), and while the end of the game was still very emotional, I'd love to hear her thoughts, and the thoughts of the rest of the crew about what happened. Instead, we got a few sad looks and that was it. I highly recommend the fanfiction "You Came Back to Me" to heal the heart and soul with a good epilogue. Unfortunately, this story is not canon, but at the moment it is enough (I hope they will do something very similar in Mass Effect 4).
This trilogy has become my most favorite series in just a few hours. While playing this trilogy, I felt great emotions, such as, happiness, sympathy, sadness, hatred and love. I laughed with my companions and grieved with them, lived their stories with a beating heart. I've never felt anything like this while playing video games. Apart from some tiny bugs and a poor ending, I don't see any flaws here. The world of Mass Effect is big and wonderful place. This game, this adventure, this experience is truly worth any amount of money and time. There is no doubt about it.
Mass Effect 4?
I would just like to present my thoughts on the next Mass Effect here. There will be spoilers here, so if you haven't played these games yet, it's best to stop reading this part. As I write this, it will soon be the 2nd year of the trailer for the next game. Hope we won't have to wait long for any news. I am incredibly excited, however, I have many concerns. After the Andromeda disaster, I am a bit battered and I fear that something similar will happen again. I hope not. Besides, I have concerns about the plot itself. As to the fact that Shepard survived the blast (somehow) and will return, I have no doubt. There are a lot of things that point to this. However, my biggest fear is that they will throw the plot of this game too much into the future, especially if they try to stick it to Andromeda (if that happens I will hate EA and BioWare for the rest of my life, because it would be the stupidest idea they could come over with). A time jump by many years can create many plot-holes, and even kill most members of our team, which in the end, only 3 of them would survive a long time jump - Liara, Wrex and Grunt (and possibly Javik, but I have no idea for how many years he could still live after the ME3 ). Which would also doom Joker, Kaidan (in your case it could be Ash), the rest of the Normandy crew and friends who survived the war, from Mass Effect 2/3. And most importantly, it would mean the death of Tali and Garrus, which would be something terrible, because at least my Shepard has developed a very beautiful love/relationship with Tali. We also have an inseparable friendship with Garrus, and without them, the Mass Effect series would just be so empty. Because when you think about it, Shepard without his friends, especially these two, is just an ordinary man. Shepard is nothing without his friends. I hope BioWare understands the importance of these characters to the entire series, and I hope Mass Effect 4 will start right away (maybe a few months at most) after Mass Effect 3 ends. Especially since we have many unresolved threads that would be perfect for the scenario I am describing. Cerberus, Leviathans, and the whole plot with black matter and dying stars. And even more. My fingers are crossed. I should go.
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