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quite pungent my dear

11:23 PM - moose: fact: it's physically impossible to fuck a baby unless you smash its pelvic bone into multiple tiny pieces to make it malleable
11:23 PM - moose: that's your daily gamer fact
9:43 PM - moose: busy watching incest porn ill check it out later
hey guys
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undertale sans Jul 1 @ 8:25pm 
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Slinky May 18 @ 12:55pm 
Hey, saw your profile pic and thought you looked like a hot slab of ham. Really wanted to get on and grind all over your face. Rep for having a nice cok hah:)🤪
HaPPy BOy LFT Apr 27 @ 10:39am 
he likes too bimbin his rides
Slinky Apr 11 @ 7:54pm 
+rep nigger
(h)oagie Mar 19 @ 7:53pm 
-rep isnt even racist
HaPPy BOy LFT Feb 11 @ 9:23am 
+/-rep he black but good player :0