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Reason (2nd @ i25 // Won @ WCG UK Quals)

Old skool cs skills from 1.1 >_<

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Hi, I'm Sakura the Pro Gaming Ninja!!

Over the years I've played many video games, starting originally in 2001 with Counter-Strike 1.1. I have played CS for 12 years on/off with 6 of them being at a professional level. After coming second to Zboard at Multiplay i25 Lan I retired from my clan Reason and moved onto other games.

Most of the games I've played are MMO's, which include:

City of Heroes/Villians
World of Warcraft (3rd on server to 60, Vanilla, 1st EU guild to down Patchwerk, Naxxramas)
Guild Wars 2
FFXIV (1st Scholar job and 2nd to 50 on server, 1st Alchemist to max level selling both Erudite's Picatrix of Healing/Casting making over 3million gil)
Star Wars: TOR
Wildstar (Server 1st max level miner and Weaponsmith with multiple 1st gold dungeon runs)
Destiny (1st to rank 50, 100, 150 and 200 with any Faction and Dead Orbit #MrDeadOrbit).
Destiny 2 (both Xbox and PC).
RIFT (over 500 shard firsts).
Blade and Soul.
Black Desert Online.

I've also played some MMOFPS games such as Defiance (ego rating 4480), Blacklight, Firefall etc...

I created an amazing guide which is the most popular and rated guide for Tomb Raider which you can find in the Community Hub or my Guides Section to the right >>>

I was also World 1st to 100% Tron:Evolution on xbox360 - my achievement guild found here:
I even got to play with Olivia Wilde when she came over for the UK Premier.

My current playing schedule is Destiny 2/Sea of Thieves on PC while waiting for Anthem next year. Check my YouTube for some amazing videos especially Throwing Knives ^_^
You can also check my Video Section to the right which also holds the most popular CoD Ghosts videos to date.

I get many invites to Beta's and give away a ton of keys on my YouTube and Twitter which you can find links to here:

Feel free to add me as a steam friend if you know me/seen my videos/need help/ Please do not invite me to trade.

I look forward to playing with or owning you ^_^
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