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--Edit, tl;dr

• Weapon Customization, awesome
• Climbing, ♥♥♥♥ing awesome,
• Free play through linear levels, pretty cool
• Weapon physics & handling, awesome
• Grenade mechanics - pretty nice
• AI are pretty smart, wow

• You can't climb through windows.
• Sometimes you can both (you and a friend) grab the same gun and end up weirdly stuck.
• Slight lack of levels, but all of them are very in depth and provide for a good experience.
• Sometimes my M1911 glitches and the barrel disappears, not sure if fixed yet 03/FEB/2019

Honestly, I've played half an hour (30 minutes) at the time of writing this review and I have to admit, the game has really surprised me in the amount of content and immersion it has for an Early Access game is truly amazing. I've read up on previous reviews and watched videos before buying the game because I thought the price tag is a little high (compared to similar / other leading VR shooter titles such as Pavlov & Onward) however once I actually got myself stuck into the game, I do not regret spending any money at all!

There is a numerous amount of things that I love about this game, starting at the gun mechanics / physics / whatever you wish to call it. The weapons handle super nicely and I'd like to say realistically, having shot not too many guns in real life before. The weapon customization is top notch too, you can choose whether to put on stocks, laser sights, sights & scopes, barrel attachments i.e. muzzle flash hiders or suppressors, and even grips. With this, too, you can create some really stupidly good guns such as a Mac-10 with a suppressor and bipod!

On top of all of the above about weaponry, there's a really nice holder system. You have two holsters, positioned just to the left and right of your hips / waist, and as long as a part of the weapon that you are trying to holster is in the little floating ball, you can holster you weapon in any way. So if you wish to holster a rifle but have it across your chest, simply point the barrel down into the holster icon and holster the rifle upwards, it's great and it works.

The different levels / missions in the game are super immersive, although they can be a little short, they still are exciting. The first one I played, I died maybe twice before I got the hang of the proper combat and managed to finally get some kills rolling. I believe some levels are also longer than others, which adds some variation into the game and in general makes it enjoyable for the different environments and terrains that you can find and experience combat in.

I particularly enjoy the whole climbing / vaulting / parkour system in the game, you can use your arms to grab onto ledges and walls and climb them, or if you wish to be cheap and do it the fast way, launch yourself into the sky and hope for the best that you make it to where you intend to fly to. That plus, you can literally climb onto / over anything you can touch.

However as with all early access games, there's at least something to improve on. When I first loaded into the game it seems super blurry to me, so I went to the graphics settings and messed around with the anti-aliasing of the game and found 3 different options for it, each seemingly with different amounts of blurriness. I also noticed that having anti-aliasing on in the first place, makes the game blurry, but it does in fact look nicer than having ragged edges everywhere. Perhaps something to think about in the future! (This is on high graphics by the way.)

I'll update this review as I go along and as the developers bring out updates, but all in all, I've found this game great fun so far!


So, I've finally got to play with a friend, thanks Roy! And to begin with, we had a few issues connecting with each other but we quickly solved that by me restarting my game, which then allowed my buddy Roy to join me. We had a great blast throwing each other's guns into bushes and pulling pins off of grenades which are sitting on each other's vests. It was generally great fun, however some of the basic bugs we encountered weren't very... game breaking or anything, we simply didn't seem to mind them. One thing I can say however, is that I really like how challenging and tough the AI can be, they're actually pretty smart sometimes in terms of how they push and how they defend different places or objectives, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.

One main thing I'd love to see in this game in the future is being able to climb through windows - You can climb up walls and the likes, however you can't climb through the windows, which I was super excited for given the amount of time it took me to climb.

The 1911 was fixed and it no longer bugs without a slide! They also added a Kriss Vector into the game which handles super neatly, though I wish there was an extended mag for it. In the game it's called a "Chris Vector", although on the model itself it says "Kriss Vector"? Kinda not adding up there, but I'm sure they'll either fix it or change the name. No further or new complaints!

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