Last Man Alive
Last   Oregon, United States
I am Last Man Alive , I play many games, mainly SCP Sl, Gmod and Csgo, but to the point where my hands would fall off where I can't use them. You want more info, well read " Some Stuff To Know About Me" is that too hard? Well your screwed then.

Don't friend thots or furries kids.
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Some Stuff to Know About Me
Names: Last Man Alive , Captain Yolo , MTF Guard , Class D Boi

Online: I am free (or I forgot to turn off my account)

Offline: (I think you know this one)

Away: Doing something outside my house

Busy: Doing work on my computer

Snooze: I might be on

Other random information:

I main the sphee, i can only hit the person behind the person i am aimming at.

If you friend me please tell me why or you will be unfriended.

I am addicted to memes.

I can't aim at things that stand still, but that can move

I am a tryhard at some games where I would win what I shouldn't like 1v5 in csgo or a mtf squad as a d boi in scp sl.

Discord #5042

Game Status:

TF2: Retired

L4D2: Sometimes

SCP Sl: One of my main games

Rust: Meh

Gmod: My main game

CSGO: Another main game

HF2,E1,Ep2 : Done, but here and there I replay

Payday 2: Kinda still play it, you can see if I can

CSS,CSNZ: Not really

Anything else is what I usually don't play.

Friend Requesting Me:

If you have good rep and want a friend, I am fine.

Queueing in csgo

I don't trade on TF2 anymore, or really at all, if you want to trade with me send a offer I can see.

I don't trade with random people unless the price is fair, but if you friend to trade then , please tell me right away, otherwise I'll defriend you.

If your already a friend that is noice, but if you go offline for over a year ( this happened many times with me ) I will usually defriend you unless I know what is happeneing.

I don't friend people who want me to get in giveaways, ect unless I known you longer then 3 seconds.

PC Specs

Intel(R) Core (TM) i7 - 3770k CPU @ 3.50 GHz

12.0 GB of RAM.

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

Heck I don't know xD.

Gmod Dupe Building

I do build many dupes and I am okay in wiremod. If you friend me for a dupe that is fine with me.

Random: Nope

Friend: We will talk about price.

Good Friend and/or Long Term Friend: Free Boi

Best Friend(hehehe) : You'll see.

My dupes are usually around real life and scp cb, but sometimes I go FNAF and others.

My Dead Group

I will send a invite, it is noice, but half dead, lets go revive it.Post your memes , puns, I don't know what else , but it is like I said, dead ish.
Last Man Alive Feb 4 @ 3:35pm 
I can aim godly then miss every single shot.
Imafishbish Feb 2 @ 10:57pm 
He either chokes in SL or goes sicko mode.
Last Man Alive Jan 16 @ 2:18pm 
No u
Morenthal Jan 16 @ 6:45am 
Enemy Spotted.
ytl?... ? last alive Jan 5 @ 4:39pm 
Sorry but you are a thot not to metion that you downloaded a mod for gmod called anime soldiers.
Last Man Alive Jan 5 @ 4:28pm