Gary and Heg   United Kingdom (Great Britain)

The one-l lama, he's a priest
The two-l llama, he's a beast,
But you can bet your silk pajama
You'll never see a three-l lllama.

ɐɯɐןן: greetings fellow lifeform
ɐɯɐןן: one would like to aquire the deus specs
Pez <FathomGaming>: greetings fellow llama
Pez <FathomGaming>: one would be willing to sell
You have accepted the trade request from Pez <FathomGaming>.
ɐɯɐןן: one believes the price set the the aforementioned item was 1.66 refined
Pez <FathomGaming>: yes
ɐɯɐןן: it appears us like species have a trade
Pez <FathomGaming>: you are amazing
Pez <FathomGaming>: keep me on friends list
ɐɯɐןן: one is pleased with the trade
Pez <FathomGaming>: or else
Pez <FathomGaming>: i will send
Pez <FathomGaming>: the poops
Pez <FathomGaming>: after you
ɐɯɐןן: the poops? what are these creatures?
ɐɯɐןן: do they come in peace?
Pez <FathomGaming>: They are spooky
Pez <FathomGaming>: They pull you into their domain
Pez <FathomGaming>: when you are skipping about
ɐɯɐןן: is this the case? bring me a poop. let me examine.
Pez <FathomGaming>: will do
Pez <FathomGaming>: will do...
Pez <FathomGaming>: wait!
Pez <FathomGaming>: i know how to catch one
Pez <FathomGaming>: you do the figgle wiggle and shake all about
ɐɯɐןן: intriguing
ɐɯɐןן: one would like to facilitate peace with said poops by the reciprocating action of an exchange of "+rep"
Pez <FathomGaming>: i think, that is pretty sketchy
Pez <FathomGaming>: but i think i can
Pez <FathomGaming>: i will hold the poops back.
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The Alpacas are coming!~
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ℳᴇʀʀʏ ℭʜʀɪsᴛᴍᴀs & ℋᴀᴘᴘʏ ℋᴏʟɪᴅᴀʏs!!!
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Have a holly jolly Christmas!
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stop taking Ls
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actual llama