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Hello! My name is Kamrin, (CA-M-RIN) Lots of people say KaRmin, it annoys me. But, anyways, one of my best friends has been gone for a long time :( (AKA BURRITO) Most of my time I would be on Team Fortress 2. But, it got boring, seeing the same things happen. So I went to Left For Dead 2 & Left For Dead. (Mostly Left For Dead 2) But that doesnt matter! If you are a happy person, and you are positive. Add me! Just tell me the reason why you added me so I remember (Cuase noone remembers anything, am I right?) So, there you go, thats me!

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Go. Away.
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why did you friend me
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Big wat 2 confirmed?
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Itz nemo...can we talk?
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:GoldCross: :torch_hell: :TikiFire::TikiIce: God bless :TikiLove::TikiNature: :torch_hell: :GoldCross:
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hey mokey