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My OCs

My main OC

Name: Sea Fluff

Species: Pony Pegasi

Cutie mark: A pillow, with a feather on each side! Because Im a soft pillo-err.. I mean, I make pillows c:
Pet/ Maid/ Slave: Decora Fluff Also my ♥ ♌ lover ♌ ♥
Coat: Light Blue

Other Info: Look at my profile pic, it's usualy there, lmao, but uhh, I don't do NSFW k thanks!

Its another section full of stupied/ silly quotes that I find worthy

Aqua?: Its impossible to make an actaul conversation with you X.x
Sea: You start the conversation with a mew, you think ima take that seriously? xD

•Decora•: // look at your face though xD it looks more like you should be saying "MMM!~

Night: Investigating the rise of the radical group called bronies
Night: So u r my lead
Sea: xD
Night: In investigating it's leaders
Night: They claim friendship is magic but they hack televisions to spread propaganda to kids
Night: And turn them the males into territorial nerds
Night: By territory I mean their mom's basement
Night: Tsk tsk
Night: This disorder has already claimed the lives of millions of Americans
Night: https://youtu.be/0sx4NojXZAA (Isis theme song)
Sea: Omg
Sea: Shut up
Sea: xD
Night: This is apparently ur propaganda mixtape

๖Yandere Neko๖: I had a thought today at school
๖Yandere Neko๖: What if rain was water trying to commit suicide?

Night: dora the explorer honestly made me cry when she couldnt find the map
Night: i was so devastated
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♥ No touchie!.. Not the flower, I meant the pone~ ♥
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hm... and here we see the rare gamer
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That and I need to hide in someone's rolls my daddy has been searching for me since 1997
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Adding because my hormones are active like some loser
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Adding you cos your i love making friends with cute oc's

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