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🍆🌳📒 Performance review for ryu0220 🌂🌏🌸

Habitually asks questions in order to fully understand a position or a statement. Keeps asking until the facts are clear and the truth is understood. ryu0220 is aiming for promotion, but recognizes that capabilities and prospects are limited. They set high personal standards in an attempt to do as well as possible. From a set of data, ryu0220 is able to establish a principle, or work out a rule, or suggest a reason for failure or success. Their analysis is usually accurate but not original. Able to concentrate and stay focused for period of several hours when a task is interesting, but attention may waver if a job is relatively mundane.

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yy0124 Jun 18 @ 4:22am 
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ハァイ フレディ 元気してる?
→ 一回インフルかかったけど元気やで
Guestsky Jan 1 @ 7:55pm