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The Umibōzu is said to live in the ocean and capsize the ship of anyone who dares speak to it. This spirit's name -- which combines the character for "sea" with the character for "Buddhist monk" -- is possibly related to the fact that the Umibōzu is said to have a large, round head resembling the shaven heads of Buddhist monks. Alternatively, it is a demonic Yōkai (spectres) that appear to shipwreck victims and fishermen. It is believed to be a drowned priest, exhibiting a shaven head and typically appears to be praying. It is usually reported as having a grey, cloud-like torso and serpentine limbs.

According to one story, if angered, it asks that the crews provide a barrel that it proceeds to fill with sea water to drown them. To avoid this disastrous fate, it is necessary to give him a bottomless barrel.

This folktale is likely related to another Japanese tradition, which says that the souls of people who have no one to look after their graves take refuge at sea.

Brandon info: An evolution of Dimmy from Yokai - Watch.
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Hi my name is UmiBrandon call me Brandon for short.:ment:

I am actually from Thailand but because my name is Umibozu and Brandon mixed together now in steam i'm from Japan it makes no sense but DEAL WITH IT K?:CW_ArmyChicka:

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