J. Foster
Vincent   Anchorage, Alaska, United States
I҉͡ţ͜͞'̵̢͡ş ̸̴̢m̢̛ę.

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Billy Mays Jan 28 @ 6:51am 
But why don't you play halo? I don't think we can be friends confused
J. Foster Jan 27 @ 6:53pm 
Death? Boi I'm playin' big boi games. Escape From Tarkov / Arma 3.
ConfusedKnight Jan 26 @ 3:51pm 
Shh kirby don't wake him from his death
Billy Mays Jan 26 @ 3:47pm 
Hey, it's Kirby, Now that my computer is fixed, I can not go full retard in comp
๖Maxfuu ❄💎🌗 Jan 3 @ 4:42pm 
You know if i had to take a wild guess I think I might say it could just maybe be Vincent. Maybe