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Interesting or Noteworthy Information/Trivia You Probably Don't Care About


1. Crafted the #56 and #72 Sharp Dresser, #XX (forgot) Eureka Effect.

2. First Unusual owned was a Searing Plasma Texas Ten-Gallon during Smissmass 2011

3. Have owned a HOUWAR (Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect) multiple times.

4. Uncrated Unusuals: Green Black Hole Barnstormer (First Key during First Day of Robo-Update); Atomic Universal Translator; Cool Blitzkrieg SMG Field-Tested

5. Crafted a <#100 Hat: #91 Prize Plushy

6. Crafted a <#10 Hat: #5 Hockey Hair

7. Owned a Burning Unusual: Burning Towering Pillar of Hats

8. Peak Value of TF2 Backpack: $3000+

9. Most Earbuds Owned at One Time: 64 (RIP Earbuds Prices, you will be missed)

Dota 2

1. Current Unusual Courier: Blossom Red + Champion's Aura 2014 Captain Bamboo (Previous Courier I owned for 3+ Years was Blossom Red + Trail of the Lotus Blossom Captain Bamboo)


1. First Knife was a Bayonet Urban Masked FT w/MW Looks

2. Most owned Knife: M9 Blue Steel (10+ times owned, including different wears and Stattrak versions)

3. Have been betting since it was introduced on Lounge, and close follower of the CS:GO Pro Scene (and the Dota 2 Pro Scene). RIP Lounge Betting August 2016

4. Owned 1000+ Pure Keys at one time. (3/22/15)
Screenshot Showcase
SFM Shot of my TF2 Mercs! TS Stormy Storm Killer's Exclusive (BaF Stormy Storm Cosa Nostra on Spy), and a Mega-Strike Schadenfreude!
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Favorite Game
Hours played
Craft #10112 Collection! (Updated April 14, 2016)
If you find/acquire a #10112 Item, PLEASE post on ANY of my trades telling me so, and then add me. Thanks!

Total #10112 Items In Inventory: 90

Scout Items:
#10112 Backward's Ballcap (Painted Australium Gold)
#10112 El Jefe
#10112 Hero's Tail (Painted After Eight)
#10112 Cross-Comm Express
#10112 STRANGE Bonk Boy
#10112 Fed-Fightin Fedora (Painted Team Spirit)
#10112 Dillinger's Duffel (Painted Team Spirit)
#10112 Digit Divulger
#10112 Strange Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol

Soldier Items:
#10112 Infernal Impaler
#10112 STRANGE Fancy Dress Uniform
#10112 Kringle Collection
#10112 Founding Father
#10112 Shogun's Shoulder Guard
#10112 The First American

Pyro Items:
#10112 Jingle Belt
#10112 Waxy Wayfinder
#10112 Nose Candy
#10112 STRANGE Apparation's Aspect (Painted Team Spirit)
#10112 Cremator's Conscience
#10112 Scrap Pack
#10112 Infernal Orchestrina
#10112 Steel Sixpack
#10112 Pop-Eyes
#10112 Manmelter

Demoman Items:
#10112 Conjurer's Cowl
#10112 Liquor Locker
#10112 Cool Breeze
#10112 Sangu Sleeves
#10112 Frontier Djustice
#10112 Black Watch
#10112 Hurt Locher

Heavy Items:
#10112 One-Man Army
#10112 Purity Fist
#10112 STRANGE Sandvich Safe
#10112 Heavy's Hockey Hair
#10112 Siberian Sophisticate
#10112 Soviet Gentleman
#10112 Heavy-Weight Belt
#10112 Rat Stompers
#10112 Apoco-Fists

Engineer Items:
#10112 Hetman's Headpiece
#10112 Stocking Stuffer
#10112 Pardern's Pompadour
#10112 Trash Toter
#10112 Lonesome Loafers
#10112 Endothermic Exowear

Medic Items:
#10112 Planeswalker Helm
#10112 Surgeon's Stahlhelm
#10112 Gentleman's Ushanka
#10112 Das Ubersternmann
#10112 Nine-Pipe Problem
#10112 Quadwrangler
#10112 Combat Medic's Crusher Cap
#10112 Slick Cut (Painted Muskelmannbraun)

Sniper Items:
#10112 Your Worst Nightmare
#10112 Cold Killer
#10112 STRANGE Outback Intellectual
#10112 Chronomancer
#10112 Awper Hand

Spy Items:
#10112 L'Inspecteur
#10112 Sneaky Spats of Sneaking
#10112 Made Man (Painted Australium Gold)
#10112 Aviator Assassin
#10112 After Dark
#10112 Au Courant Assassin
#10112 Escapist
#10112 Wanga Prick
#10112 Sharp Dresser
#10112 Quackenbirdt

Multi-Class Items:
#10112 Dr. Whoa (Medic, Spy)
#10112 Mutton Mann (Demoman, Engineer, Medic, Sniper)
#10112 Itsy Bitsy Spyer (Engineer, Sniper)
#10112 Triad Trinket (Scout, Heavy, Engineer, Sniper, Spy)
#10112 Hat With No Name (Soldier, Demoman, Engineer, Sniper; Painted An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge)
#10112 Professor's Pineapple (Soldier, Pyro, Demoman; Painted A Deep Commitment to Purple)

All-Class Items:
#10112 Flair!
#10112 Brown Bomber
#10112 Point and Shoot
#10112 Killer Exclusive
#10112 Cotton Head
#10112 Hardy Laurel
#10112 Wilson Weave
#10112 Tough Stuff Muffs
#10112 Macho Mann
#10112 Balloonicorn
#10112 Merc's Muffler
#10112 Bruiser's Bandanna (Painted: Pink as Hell)
#10112 Ham Shank
#10112 Conscientious Objector
Review Showcase
5.1 Hours played

This game is created by the same makers as Bastion, which is one of my favorite games ever. Upon loading, Transistor is visually appealing, and Logan Cunningham (Rucks in Bastion) makes a reappearance which is exciting. Controls are fluid, music is amazing--I'm very excited to play through this game!

EDIT 1: After playing for about an hour, I must say that I think all the expectations I have had for this game are met. Unlike Bastion, which was more of a go-get-em game, Transistor really makes you think and analyze your tactics in battle, especially with the new "time stop" system where you can plan out your actions (each move you make will cost part of your "energy bar"). There are plentiful save points, and a nice level-up system to improve your skillset. The game is mysterious so far, and I think it really fits into the mood. However, some people might dislike how the story isn't really clear, and you're just following the path without much reason until (supposedly) later on in the game when things will be made more clear.

My only qualms with the gameplay itself are the somewhat repetitive nature of the fights (although each fight calls for new tactics), and the somewhat tricky level-up system which seems a bit arbitrary. The upgrades arn't clearly defined as to what exactly they do. Overall, some parts of the game feel like I'm not sure what's going on or what I'm supposed to do to upgrade the Transistor with, but that just adds to the mysterious nature of the game at the beginning.

EDIT 2: Having come across the first "boss" now, I really think that I can speak for all people when I say--wow. The way in which the "characters" speak is amazing. The fight had me on my toes, really making me consider the best way to defeat it without losing too much health. I was blown away at how the screen colors changed and blurred as I started to lose more and more health.

EDIT 3: After tinkering for a while at an Access Point (checkpoints basically), I think I figured out exactly how the upgrades work. The Transistor has four slots which hold a primary ability. Each primary ability has two secondary "upgrade" slots. In addition, you have four passive slots. You will collect "cores" which you can slot and re-slot at any Access point. For instance, I could socket Crash() into Ability 1, with Break() as its "upgrade" to have a medium-damaging medium-range attack that mini-stuns (opposed to the regular melee-ranged attack without the Break() upgrade). Or, (normally), you could leave Crash() as Primary Ability 1 (melee-range attack) and Break() as Primary Ability 2 (Long-Ranged attack). Or, you could put one into your passive once you get more cores. There are also "Limiters" which increase the power of the enemies you face (similar to Idols in Bastion), but reward you with more EXP. Indeed, the customization is insane in this game--I can foresee myself spending quite a bit of time customizing once I obtain more cores. Play how you want to play--fighter, stealth, assassin, long-range--just customize your cores to fit your playstyle! Extremely well done, albeit a little confusing at first to figure out the customizations. Only qualm might be (if any)...there are TOO MANY choices!

EDIT 4: Finished the game, Steam says it took me ~5 hours overall, but this doesn't include the second playthrough (Recursion Mode) which I think I will be playing soon. Overall, I think this game is a worthy successor to Bastion. However, I still prefer Bastion. Why? Bastion was a bit more clear-cut and easier to process. The Calamity happened, fix it. In this game, it took until halfway through the game for me to actually realize most of the protagonist/antagonist/story arc. There were also quite a few "did not expect that" moments, which can be both seen as positive and negative overall. I personally was confused at the ending--in a way, for me, not much closure, but I accepted it. I could see it going over poorly with lots of people however. This game feels a lot darker than Bastion for sure, and I really thought that the narration in some parts was quite hefty and really tugged at my conscience. It definitely leaves you with a lot to think about and has more going on beneath the surface--you will want to play this game with a very open and sharp mind. Great to discuss as well.

Also, remember to check out all the OVC Terminals--you definitely don't want to skip those as a fair portion of the story and development relies on you reading and filling in the blanks from the information given at them (Thanks to Dragonfire973 for reminding me!). Also, when you have time, make sure you socket all the functions into every slot (Primary/Secondary/Passive) and read up on all the information unlocked.

Amazing Artwork, Beautiful Soundtrack, Superb Narration. I expected nothing less.
Lots of customization for how you want to play the game.
Story-arc similar to Bastion, so this story will feel somewhat similar.

Somewhat repetitive battles, but interesting nonetheless.
Often confused as to what really was going on story-wise (not much explanation of what was going on), but this could be intended.
Not much closure for the ending, but definitely lots to think about. Really made me think about the whole story after the credits had rolled.

Score: 9/10
A very nice game overall. The aesthetics of the game are unmatched. However, some people might feel like the game is a bit confusing to wrap your head around. I preferred Bastion's ending to Transistor's, because Bastion was more clear and provided some closure. Transistor left me wondering what really happened and left me with too many unanswered questions. However, it did leave me with a lot to think about, and I want to go through the game again to see if I pick up anything I missed the first time through.

If you have any doubts on buying this game, your doubts should be dispelled--this game is worthy of your $20; a beautiful second game released by Supergiant Games.
Gulf Nov 23, 2018 @ 11:36am 
+rep, went first 25 rl keys for 10 cs
Pigeon Lord Sep 30, 2018 @ 1:41pm 
+rep, I went first with a gift link for Overwatch, they supplied the Destiny 2 Emblem code
(屮゚Д゚)屮 Sep 8, 2018 @ 11:25pm 
+rep, went first with sending Artifact key, got paid within 5 minutes.
λristocat Sep 7, 2018 @ 7:10pm 
+rep, went first with dota 2 items, instantly got the (working) Artifact key.
radonthetyrant Sep 7, 2018 @ 3:35pm 
+rep, I went first with dota2 and tf2 items, got the code for Artifact immediately after.
Atlas Sep 5, 2018 @ 4:59pm 
+rep, I went first with a large trade and he provided the code immediatley after with no problems