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Rust Short Review

Like always There will be a short review and a long review

Rust points!

-Overall: 8/10
  • Graphics: 8.5/10
  • Music: 6/10
  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • World: 8/10 (atleast the standard map)

I recommend Rust for...

  • People who like Survival games
  • People who like online games
  • People who like raiding other people's bases
  • People who like epic gunfights
  • People who like gathering resources and building bases
  • People who play ark

I don't recommend Rust for...

  • People who dont like gunfights/fps
  • People who dont like ark
  • People who dont like gathering resources and building bases
  • People who dont like losing stuff/bases (when offline)
  • People who dont like the system with all the servers
  • People who dont like to play with other people

Rust Long Review

What is Rust?

Rust is a survival game, where you find resources and craft guns, build bases and kill other players. The game is only multiplayer
and works with a system that uses servers (like ark). Everyone can make one of these server (you can also make a private one, for you and your friends). The game also includes animals, random buildings to explore, AI vechiles to take down and grab the loot from, and ofcourse the other players

Why did i buy it?

Its a great game to play with loads of friends, and very time consuming, i really enjy games where i can put 100+ hours in and still play with the same excitement as when i started playing. i would really recommend the game if you have some friends that can buy it too, its deffenitly not expensive for this type of game

Whats the goal of the game?

Build a base, make guns, and kill everybody then you can capture their items or base, and use the items that you find to raid the next one. At first, it might look repetitive, but its always fun to explore new bases and find new loot!

How does this game stand out?

first, The players. You can meet so many new players that eventualy become your friends. as example at my favourite server, where i buyed vip at that server and meeted 4 people, we started to skype together and joined the same clan, now after 50+ hours with that people, their almost my best friends :)

How are the graphics, the music and the world?

The graphics are very good and its nice to run around in the game, there are a lot of biomes to explore and every biome has diffrent cave's, buildings and other cool stuff, the music is a little dowpoint... let me put it this way, there's almost no music.

Whats bad about it?

The music is bad, the lag can sometimes be annoying, but that depends on the server you are playing on.

How are the devs/community?/b]

They're fantastic, like i said, its fun to meat new people in the game. there are a lot of people who are glad to help you :)
and the devs constantly add new content and make the game greater!

How about mods/workshop content?

you can buy some pretty nice skins in the steam market, there are no other workshop things.

Is it worth the price?

Yep, i cant recommend the game more, its just so good!

Thanks for reading, and i hope you buy the game!

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