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Welcome to my profile!
If you wish to add me, send a reason why down below.

I am a developer for Garry's mod, and I do a lot of Rainbow Six Siege and Rust often, so yah.

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Garry's Mod
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Main Rules
1. If you scam, or offer something of value, instant deny and block.
2. If you have ever scammed in the past and show a sign of it, then instant deny and block.
3. If you deny a trade offer that is fair and balanced, denied and blocked.
4. If you threaten, hoax, or do anything like glitching/exploiting in a trade = block.

1. I do not accept everyone, and I remove a lot of people from my list. If you are inactive on my friends list for longer than (1 week), then you will be removed.
2. If you wish to add me, like I said above, tell me why at least so I know i'm not getting spammed.
3. If you have a sponsor in your name (i.e. {LINK REMOVED} then you will be immediately denied.

1. Do not use Racial slurs. It's really not that good. Trust me.
2. Please do not disrespect or talk over me. It's ok if you do it on accident, but repeated times will result in immediate block and deny.
3. If you have any questions or concerns, comment below my friends.

yeet ;3
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I love this game, and this is why.

1. It's Open world, and there are no restrictions at all.
2. It's very fun with the combat, raids, and PVP, and sometimes the PVE is even fun.
3. Gathering Resources is pretty boring, but to spend it all and make a ton of stuff is super satisfying.
4. Not everyone is mean. People help me when i'm being raided, help with resources, and the community isn't terrible.
5. There are lots of things you can see as an end goal. (Destroy Chopper, Raid a Base, Destroy Tank, etc.)

Also, this game feels like it was designed for multiplayer. If you even attempted to solo it yourself, good luck. It's very hard to upkeep a base on your own, so I highly advise people who want to play with friends rather than on your own buy this game. This game is also getting major updates soon, and it's watched and cared for by the developers, and even sometimes the developers put a funny joke or two around, like the rocket launcher's description being "Shoots slightly father than North Korea." or for the salvaged hammer being, "A hammer made from a bunch of other crap." Over all, I love Rust, even though it's going up and down, it's still a very great game

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UnlawfulWaffle Aug 1 @ 9:59pm 
Adding because we were friends and you probably unfriended me cuz i changed my name.
I was spookified while we were friends-
CCTV Jul 22 @ 2:59pm 
trashed ur ♥♥♥ in rust @assad LOL
GIANT BLOCKER INBOUND  Jun 27 @ 3:14pm 
yo you kinda removed me for no reason chief, i wanna talk to u
CCTV Jun 8 @ 1:29pm 
BRUH ANOTHER WIN!!!!! OMG OMG!! (again, do not click link PLEASE)
no. Jun 8 @ 3:30am 
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